Bill Richardson for President, Inc.

"Bold Plan"
30 sec. ad run in IA starting Nov. 27, 2007.

Produced by Steve Murphy and Mark Putnam of Murphy Putnam Media in Alexandria, VA.

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[Music] Male Announcer:  Only Bill Richardson has a bold plan for our schools.

Get rid of No Child Left Behind …Stop punishing schools and help them instead.

Pay teachers more … By setting a minimum teaching wage. 

Pre-K and Kindergarten … Available to every child in America.

And math and science academies across the country … To prepare our children for tomorrow’s jobs.

See what he did for New Mexico’s schools.  …Web address on screen:

He can do that for America. 

Richardson (voiceover): I’m Bill Richardson and I approved this message.


Notes: One of the few ads so far that focuses on education.  (Compare to the Obama ad "Chances I Had" from NH on Nov. 16).  From the press release:
Richardson has made education a central part of his Presidential campaign by proposing a $60 billion plan that includes universal pre-kindergarten, 100,000 new math and science teachers, 250 new math and science academies, and a national service program to help pay for college.

"Unlike my colleagues, I am not going to tinker around the edges of No Child Left Behind," Richardson said. "I think that we need to be bolder. I will get rid of it. I also will establish an average national starting salary for teachers of $40,000, and I will invest heavily in math and science so that our kids are competitive in the global marketplace. As Governor of New Mexico, I have not just talked about education; I have done something about it. Americans are ready to act. Now we need real leadership."

Richardson will pay for his education plan by cutting outdated weapons systems and reducing our nuclear weapons arsenal. As Governor, Richardson has implemented an education initiative that has New Mexico ranked second in the country in education reform by the Fordham Foundation.

"Bill Richardson has spent his career using bold leadership to tackle big problems," campaign manager Dave Contarino said. "On the big issues, such as education, energy, jobs, and Iraq, Governor Richardson is offering the strongest solutions and the most detailed plans.

"This ad continues to reinforce our message that Governor Richardson has both the most experience in the race and the most powerful vision for change."