Stop Hillary PAC
60-second TV ad to run on cable TV in IA starting Jan. 27, 2007, according to the DMR's Tom Beaumont.  That coincides with Sen. Clinton's first visit to the state.  Beaumont reports the buy at $20,000. 
Male Announcer: So what do you think about Hillary Clinton?

Man 1: Um.  I don't know. 

Woman: Oh gosh.

Man 2: [Laughs].  Ah...

Man 3: Clinton?  They've had their day far as I'm concerned.

Man 4: I don't know if the world's ready for a Hillary administration yet.

Man 2: I think she'd be a great running mate.

Woman: She carries like money baggage for me.

Man 1: Maybe she sits back for another eight years, gets everything going right.

Woman: ...politics as usual baggage.

Man 3: There's other people that are a lot better qualified than her, less baggage.

Man 4: She's cynical, she's an opportunist.  I don't think she's very principaled.  I wouldn't vote for Hillary because of that.

Man 3: I know it's kind of a mean thing to say but it's a fact

Man 1: I'm a Democrat.

Man 4: Yeah, I would say staunch Democrat.

Man 3: Oh, strictly a Democrat.  Liberal too.

Man 2: I'm definitely a Democrat.

Woman: But with values.

Man 3: I'm just not a big fan of hers.

Man 4: I don't trust Hillary.

Male Announcer: Stop Hillary PAC is responsible for the content of this advertisement.

Notes:  Five people, identified as Iowa Democrats, offer their views of Clinton, including a dash of faint praise and a strong dose of sharp criticism in this ad scheduled to run on the occasion of her first visit to the state.