Tancredo for a Secure America
Radio ad run in Iowa the week of May 7, 2007.

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Tom Tancredo: You know there are close to 20 million illegal aliens in the country today, and before the next presidential election, millions more will cross our borders, threatening our economic security and undermining our very culture. 

And John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, and yes, Mitt Romney support amnesty for nearly every one of them. 

I don't; and neither do most Americans. 

I am Congressman Tom Tancredo and when I am president, America's borders will be secured, America's laws will be enforced and businesses who knowingly hire illegal workers will be prosecuted. 

While America's wars overseas are to defend the nation, our immigration battle is the struggle to define it. 

Next January, Iowans will have a choice to make; not about what kind of President we want, but what kind of nation we will be. 

I am Tom Tancredo and I am running for president because securing our borders is the first step toward securing our future.