Tommy Thompson for President
Radio ad run in Iowa June 12, 2007.
Tommy Thompson: The Iraq War is the most important issue facing our country and our party. 

I'm  Tommy Thompson. 

My plan to win the peace in Iraq is straightforward. 

First, force a vote of the Al Maliki government as to whether they want our troops in the country.  If they vote “yes” our stay is legitimate.  If they vote “no”, then we begin redeploying our troops out of Iraq.

Second, they should establish 18 state governments where each major ethnic group can elect their own people.  This would bring an end to much of the strife that currently divides Iraq.  [fade in music]

Finally, they must share their oil profits with every person in Iraq, just like the state of Alaska does with its oil revenues.  This would spark an upsurge in their economy and give every man, woman and child a stake in the future of their oil industry and their country. 

I'm Tommy Thompson and my campaign for president is talking real solutions to real problems.  To learn more visit my Web site at 

I'm Tommy Thompson; I approved this message.

Male Announcer: Paid for by Tommy Thompson for President.


Notes:  From the press release...
"'Our plan is to start on radio and ramp up the media campaign as the summer continues.  As we move into the fall, we will begin an all out push to take our message directly to voters,' said Brian Dumas, Thompson campaign manager."