Tommy Thompson for President
Radio ad run in Iowa July 16, 2007.
[Music] Tommy Thompson:  My family came from Germany and Ireland.

Hi, this is Tommy Thompson.  We should always welcome new immigrants, but that doesn't mean we should reward lawbreakers.

My plan to solve the illegal immigration crisis is straightforward.

First, no amnesty.  We must support the rule of law in our country.

Second, I will complete the border security wall that Congress authorized last year in the first 150 days of my presidency.

Third, I'll pardon the border patrol agents who are being imprisoned for doing nothing more than their jobs.

Fourth, I'll require non-citizens who want to work in the United States to use a tamper proof ID card and penalize employers who do not verify with it. 

Finally, every immigrant who wants to be a citizen of the United States must learn our American language English.  Its the language of opportunity. 

I'm Tommy Thompson and I approve this message.  Please visit my Web site at to learn more. 

Male Announcer: Paid for by Tommy Thompson for President.