UFCW International Union Active Ballot Club

"Can We?"
30 sec. TV ad run in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo and Youngstown, OH starting Feb. 26, 2008 through the primary.


[Music]  For once...

Can we put American jobs...

...for workers first? 

Can we have a recovery that reaches Main Street?

Can we stop spending money in Iraq...

...and start spending it here? 

Can we have affordable healthcare for everyone? 

For everyone? 

For everyone? 

Can we really elect a president we can believe in?
Obama clip: Yes we can.  Yes we can.   [cheers]

Male Announcer: March 4th, your vote, your voice.  Your chance to change America...  Obama: "Yes we can."  Announcer: ...Barack Obama.  President.
Female Announcer: Paid for by United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Active Ballot Club, ufcw.org which is responsible for the content of this ad.  Not authorized by any candidate ...Obama: Yes we can."  Announcer: ...or candidate’s committee.