Americans for Dr. Rice

"Breakfast Table" 

60-second radio ad run on WNTK AM 1020 (New London/Upper Valley) and WKXL AM 1450 (Concord) starting May 12, 2005.  

In addition to "Breakfast Table," Americans for Dr. Rice ran two other spots in rotation: "Too Soon for 2008" and "Called Upon."

Male:  Can you believe it?  They're already talking about the presidential election in 2008.

Female:  Well why not?  The candidates are already showing up in New Hampshire and Iowa.  You know running but not really running.  That's why I'm for Condi Rice, our Secretary of State.  She's a woman that says what she means.  She's not afraid to speak her mind on Iraq, America's role in the world, 9-11, or even abortion.

Male:  Great.  I like here too.  She's intelligent.  She's educated presidents for years.  But come on, she said she won't run.

Female:  Of course.  She can't run while she's Secretary of State, but that's why I support

Male:  Who?

Female:  They're going to draft Dr. Rice.

Male:  You mean they're going to try to convince her to run?

Female:  Remember President Eisenhower; he was drafted.

Male:  But has a secretary of state ever been elected president?

Female:  Six secretaries of state have gone on to become president.  It's on the web site, and most Americans are ready for a female president. 

Male:  Well I am too.

Female:  Good, she'll be our president in a few years.

Male:  All right, so that was, right?


Male Announcer:  Paid for by Americans for Dr. Rice, a 527 political organization, not approved by any candidate or party.

In addition to the NH buy, Americans for Dr. Rice also ran radio ads on WKAT AM 1360 in Miami.  Americans for Dr. Rice founder Richard Mason MD provided some observations on the NH buy. "WNTK was very helpful and did an excellent job of arranging for the production of the "breakfast table" spot after we had some disappointing experiences with other studios and stations.  We used those two stations since they had a news/talk format which we thought would be a better audience for us at this point.  I haven't separated it out, but we spent approximately $2500 on radio at that time with the bulk of it going to WNTK and WKXL.  The ads ran for 6 weeks between the two stations."  Asked why the group decided to run the ads in May, Mason responded, "That was the soonest we could get it on the air!  We wanted to see what type of response we got.  Although it wasn't a fund-raising 'bonanza,' it did generate a fair number of responses to the website and added to our e-mailing list for the future."  [Aug. 2005 email from Richard Mason]