60-second TV ad. 

First run on WMUR-TV in NH on Sept. 27, 2005 during the premiere of ABC's "Commander in Chief" ($4,000 buy).  Americans for Rice then ran the spot in Des Moines starting October 16 on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos," on October 17 on "Good Morning America" and "The View," on October 18 during the fourth episode of "Commander-in-Chief," and from October 24-28 on WOI ABC TV morning news. (This $2,900 investment coincided with the Republican Party of Iowa's Fifth Annual Ronald Reagan Dinner in Des Moines on October 22).

Woman: Good morning, honey.

Man: Can you believe it?  They're already talking about the presidential elections in 2008.

Woman: Well why not?  The candidates are already showing up in New Hampshire and Iowa, you know running but not really running.  That's why I'm for Condi Rice, our Secretary of State.  She's a woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind.  She'll speak on Iraq, America's role in the world, 9-11 and even abortion.

Man: Great.  I like her too.  You know she's intelligent and she's educated presidents for years.  But come on, she said she won't run.  

Woman: Well of course she can't run while she's Secretary of State, but that's why I support AmericansForRice.Com.

Man: Who?

Woman:  They're going to draft Dr. Rice.

Man: You mean they're going to convince her to run?

Woman: Remember President Eisenhower.  He was drafted. 

Man: But has a secretary of state ever been elected president?

Woman: Six secretaries of state have gone on to become president.  It's on the website.  And I think Americans are ready for a woman president.

Man: Well I am too.

Woman: Good; she's going to be our president in a few years.

Man: Okay, that's AmericansForRice.Com?

Woman: AmericansForRice.Com.

[stirring, patriotic music]

Notes: The choice of a country club like setting for this ad is a bit curious, but the ad does get the groups' points across.  

Americans for Rice research director Crystal Dueker says that the New Hampshire airing of this ad on September 27 made a "huge political splash."  She states, "It was reported by Washington Times, London Telegraph, German TV, S Korean TV, Australian news, CNN, Showbiz Tonight on Headline News for 3 days, and Knight Ridder along with other news reports across the US."