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"A group dedicated to exploring the candidacy of Evan Bayh for President in 2008."
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Americans for Bayh
About the Site:

Mission Statement:  Americans For Bayh is a grass roots effort dedicated to the candidacy of Indiana Senator Evan Bayh as the next president of the United States.  There is no official Americans For Bayh (AFB) organization or group at this point in time.  So what are we about?  Basically we are trying to provide those interested in the Senator with a portal where any news or events can be accessed easily.  We publish a regular email-linked newsletter.  Furthermore, some are involved as contributors on the Blogging for Bayh weblog which provides up to the minute Bayh commentary and news.  All content reflects the opinions of the individual identified and are not associated with Evan Bayh's official capacities and is never in any way coordinated with the Senator or any of his staff.
The site itself is static and unchanging; the activity is on the blog (  Art Bottorff of Zionsville, IN purchased the domain name and started the site; he then added the blog which has been posted to regularly since November 26, 2004.  Bottorff passed away in December 2005, but he first turned the site over to Marie Aeyster ("a 47-year-old graphics designer from the Fort Wayne, Ind., area"-Maureen Groppe) who now owns/runs it with Danielle Solzman (a college student who launched the Kentucky Democrat blog on June 29, 2004).  As of mid-2006 (June 5) the blog had seven contributors: Daniel S., Erich, demburns, Bill Earl, Marie, Robert Rouse and Steve R.  (By August 1 "FellowDem" had replaced Robert Rouse).

Bill Earl was particularly active; by the end of July 2006 he had contributed 78 columns to the site.  Earl, a Southern Californian in his mid-50s, has been involved [column 1, column 2] in Democratic politics since 1966 when he went door to door for Gov. Pat Brown at age 16.  He notes that he liked Bayh's father, Sen. Birch Bayh in 1976, and when Evan Bayh was elected Governor, "I knew then he was a comer."  Earl posted the first message on the Evan Bayh In 2008 Yahoo! site on November 10, 2004.  He has taken his advocacy for Bayh beyond the web, for example making a trip to Iowa in the latter part of July 2006 during which he put in 2,216 miles of driving between Chicago and Omaha.

See Also: Maureen Groppe "Bloggers push Bayh for president." Louisville Courier-Journal, June 26, 2006.

Note: In June 2005 Kristen Brown started another Bayh site at  She then wanted to combine it with the Americansfor Bayh site; although that did not happen but the evan2008 site reprints a fair amount of material on Americans for Bayh.

About the Site:
Steve Russell is the author of the site, which he put up around Oct. 2005.
"I am from Indiana, I have worked as a volunteer on past statewide campaigns, and I am currently a college student."

"The objective of the site is to communicate information about Senator Bayh to interested parties."

The Wanderer
Reporting on the Presidential Aspirations of Indiana Senator Evan Bayh
About the Site:

First posting by Mark T. Curry on Feb. 8, 2006 ("Bayh Talks Tough On Labor & Security").

Here is his biography from the Howey Political Report, to which he is a contributor.
Mark T. Curry possesses a rare and diverse multi-cultural background which includes writing, researching and reporting for publications with Indiana University, the U.S. military, the Peace Corps and the Department of State, as well as newspapers, magazines and newsletters throughout the state and elsewhere.

In the past 25 years, Curry, who currently resides in Kensington, MD, has lived in eight states and three countries, including Jamaica, South Korea and Brazil.

He has also worked in Indianapolis as Marketing Director for the Indianapolis Economic Development Corporation and as Public Relations Research Director and Account Manager at Caldwell VanRiper, Inc. Curry, a one-time college roommate with HPR Publisher Brian Howey, Curry will cover the 2008 presidential campaign of U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh. He has assisted in coverage of Indiana's Congressional delegation in Washington and monitors the Indiana and national news media for the HPR Daily Wire.
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