"To use our greatness for goodness."  
Sen. Sam Brownback, a conservative from Kansas, becomes the first major
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January 20, 2007--Exactly two years until the next president is inaugurated Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) formally announced his candidacy for the job before a friendly crowd at Heritage Hall in Wichita, Kansas.

Backed by his family, the Senator from Kansas told cheering supporters, "It's a great journey and ours is a great nation and I make one pledge to you, to use our greatness for goodness." 

In his speech, which lasted about 15 1/2 minutes, Brownback discussed the social issues for which he is most well known, including marriage "as the union of a man and a woman for life" and "the need for a culture of life," but he also delved into other areas.  He called for a flat tax, declaring that "the Internal Revenue Code should be taken behind the barn and killed with a dull axe," targeted cancer, vowing "we can end deaths by cancer in ten years," and addressed energy, stating "we must become energy self-reliant in North America in the next fifteen years." (transcript)

Brownback is seen as a longshot.  His strong social conservative views could earn him a credible showing in the first in the nation Iowa caucuses, but also draw fire from critics.  The DNC put out a press release describing Brownback's bid as a "candidacy of ideology over people."  There are questions about whether Brownback can raise enough money to sustain his campaign and have an impact. 

Brownback's announcement comes a month and a half after he established a presidential exploratory committee and just a couple of days before the March for Life in Washington. (more)

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