PRESS RELEASE from Brownback for President, Inc.

July 26, 2007
Contact: John Rankin

Iowa Grassroots Leader to Head Taxpayers for Brownback
George Davey led successful effort opposing the "Project Destiny" local tax hike

DES MOINES - The Brownback for President Campaign today announced that George Davey will chair the new Taxpayers for Brownback coalition.  Davey was the leading force behind, the successful grassroots effort against "Project Destiny," a proposed regressive tax shift in Polk, Dallas and Warren counties that was defeated by 85 percent of the vote earlier this month.

"I am very pleased to support Senator Brownback and his balanced message of tough border control and critical fiscal and economic reforms," said Davey.  "Sam's proposal for optional Social Security personal savings accounts would give people the choice of saving for their own retirement with real assets they would own, while making certain that America's seniors receive their benefits on time and in full.  I support Senator Brownback's optional, discounted flat tax because it is the best proposal for all taxpayers.  High taxes without any options hurt low-income and military families, in particular, and Sam's rewarding solution would allow us to decide which method--the existing code with its deductions, or the new flat rate--would be best for ourselves and our businesses.  If the money stays in Washington, so will the corruption, and Sam's proposals will take the money away from the politicians by putting it in our pockets, strengthening families and this indispensable nation."

Davey will build and lead a team of grassroots activists who support Senator Brownback's commitment to an optional flat tax, optional Social Security personal savings accounts, cutting wasteful government spending and lowering taxes for all Americans.

"Davey's grassroots activism shows what Americans can do when they come together to voice their opinion on how their taxpayer dollars should be used," said Brownback.  "I am honored to welcome George Davey to my expanding team of grassroots conservatives here in Iowa."

The Brownback for President campaign recently announced Faith and Values, Catholic, and Homeschool grassroots leadership teams leading up to the Ames Straw Poll on August 11.