Sam Brownback-Organization, South Carolina
updated July 17, 2007


South Carolinia Campaign Committee (announced July 17, 2007)
David Barron, Chairman
(an initial member of the exploratory committee; announced Dec. 4, 2006)  Barron is president of the International Conservation Caucus and has been active in politics, business and foreign affairs for 30 years.  He was the national chairman of Young Republicans under President Ronald Reagan.

Jim Corbett, Campaign Director
Corbett, an attorney in Columbia, ran for House District 72 in 1996 and has been active in all major South Carolina statewide general elections since Carroll Campbell's 1986 run for governor.  Corbett was involved with the primary and general election campaigns of George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush and served as a delegate to the 2000 Republican National Convention and as an alternate delegate to the 2004 convention.  J.D., University of South Carolina, 1988; B.A., University of South Carolina, 1983.

Kevin Bryant of Anderson
(announced Jan. 11, 2007) Elected to the State Senate in 2004, represents District 3.  Bryant led the fight for the ultrasound bill and has consistently pushed for limited government, traditional values and lower taxes. Chairman of Anderson County Republican Party, 1997-01.  President of Bryant Pharmacy and Supply since 1995.  B.S. from University of Georgia, 1989.  (blog, Senate office)

Ben Carnes of Greenville
Carnes, a recent graduate of North Greenville University with considerable volunteer campaign experience, will serve as Grass Roots Coordinator.

Steve Gajdosik of Charleston
Gajdosik is the president of the Catholic Radio Association.

John Hutcheson of Spartanburg
Hutcheson serves on the board of Bob Jones University.

Doug Jolley of Columbia
Jolley is a former Christian newspaper publisher and owns an insurance agency and a Gamecocks web site.

Lou Neiger of Newberry
Neiger, a certified financial planner, will draw from years of campaign experience to help coordinate and train the growing number of grassroots volunteers for the Brownback campaign.

Richard Peterson of Lexington
Peterson, formerly the first vice chairman of the Lexington County GOP, will use his extensive broadcasting and marketing experience to spread Senator Brownback's conservative pro-life, pro-growth message of increased freedom and compassionate service. Peterson served at the RNC with longtime friend Lee Atwater.

Clint Rogers of York
Rogers is a political science teacher and plays an active role in his church.

Hal Stevenson of Columbia
(announced Jan. 11, 2007)  Stevenson, a former president of the Palmetto Family Council, coordinated the South Carolina presidential campaigns of Alan Keyes in 1996 and 2000.

Gary Towery of Spartanburg
Towery, previously an executive committeeman of the Spartanburg County GOP, runs an Upstate Catholic radio station.

Jim Ulmer of Orangeburg
Ulmer chairs the Orangeburg County GOP in addition to being a farmer and avid sportsman.
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