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Highlights on the Road to the White House
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April 2006
Sat. Apr. 1

Sun. Apr. 2

Mon. Apr. 3

Tues. Apr. 4

Wed. Apr. 5

Thurs. Apr. 6 RNC announces that the dates of the 2008 Republican National Convention are Sept. 1-4, 2008.

Fri. Apr. 7

Sat. Apr. 8

Sun. Apr. 9

Mon. Apr. 10

Tues. Apr. 11 -RNC holds "interested cities day" at a hotel in Washington, DC for cities interested in hosting the 2008 Republican National Convention.
-Primary in California 50th CD to replace Rep. Duke Cunningham (R).

Wed. Apr. 12

Thurs. Apr. 13

Fri. Apr. 14 Deadline for state Democratic parties to apply to hold pre-window contests in 2008.

Sat. Apr. 15

Sun. Apr. 16

Mon. Apr. 17 Former Sen. Mike Gravel (D) who represented Alaska from 1969-81, announces his candidacy at the National Press Club.

Tues. Apr. 18

Wed. Apr. 19

Thurs. Apr. 20 DNC Spring Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

Fri. Apr. 21 DNC Spring Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

Sat. Apr. 22 DNC Spring Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

Sun. Apr. 23

Mon. Apr. 24

Tues. Apr. 25

Wed. Apr. 26

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Sat. Apr. 29

Sun. Apr. 30

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