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June 2008

Mon. Jun. 2

Tues. Jun. 3 Primaries in MONTANA, NEW MEXICO (R), and SOUTH DAKOTA.  During the day Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) picks up a flood of superdelegate endorsements and by the end of the day he secures enough delegates to be the Democratic nominee.  (RNC memo; speeches: McCain, Clinton, Obama)

Wed. Jun. 4

Thurs. Jun. 5

Fri. Jun. 6

Sat. Jun. 7 Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) suspends her campaign and endorses Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL).  (transcript)

Sun. Jun. 8

Mon. Jun. 9

Tues. Jun. 10

Wed. Jun. 11

Thurs. Jun. 12 Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) announces the end of his campaign and the beginning of his Campaign for Liberty.  (letter)

Fri. Jun. 13

Sat. Jun. 14

Sun. Jun. 15

Mon. Jun. 16

Tues. Jun. 17

Wed. Jun. 18

Thurs. Jun. 19 Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) announces his campaign will forego public financing in the general election.  (message to supporters)

Fri. Jun. 20

Sat. Jun. 21

Sun. Jun. 22

Mon. Jun. 23

Tues. Jun. 24

Wed. Jun. 25

Thurs. Jun. 26

Fri. Jun. 27

Sat. Jun. 28

Sun. Jun. 29

Mon. Jun. 30

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