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Highlights on the Road to the White House
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November 2008
Sat. Nov. 1

Sun. Nov. 2

Mon. Nov. 3

Tues. Nov. 4 ELECTION DAY.  Speeches: McCain, ObamaReactions.

Wed. Nov. 5 -Obama-Biden Transition Project and transition leadership announced.
-GSA Turns Over Transition HQ to New Administration.

Thurs. Nov. 6 President-elect Obama announces Congressman Rahm Emanuel as his White House Chief of Staff.

Fri. Nov. 7 President-elect Obama and Vice President-elect Biden meet with their Transition Economic Advisory Board; afterwards he holds his first press conference as president-elect.

Sat. Nov. 8

Sun. Nov. 9

Mon. Nov. 10 President-elect Obama and Michelle Obama visit the White House at the invitation of President Bush.

Tues. Nov. 11

Wed. Nov. 12

Thurs. Nov. 13 -President-elect Obama announces he will resign from the Senate effective Sunday.
-Vice President-elect Biden and Dr. Jill Biden meet with Vice President Cheney and his wife Lynne at the Naval Observatory.

Fri. Nov. 14 Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy, Washington, DC. 

Sat. Nov. 15 Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy, Washington, DC.  (White House fact sheet, Obama representatives)

Sun. Nov. 16 -Letter to the People of Illinois
-Interview on CBS' "60 Minutes."  (25.1 million viewers according to Nielsen).

Mon. Nov. 17 President-elect Obama and Senator McCain meet in Chicago at transition headquarters.  (statement)

Tues. Nov. 18

Wed. Nov. 19

Thurs. Nov. 20

Fri. Nov. 21

Sat. Nov. 22 President-elect Obama's weekly radio address focuses on the economic situation.  (transcript)

Sun. Nov. 23

Mon. Nov. 24 [Citigroup bailout announced, including government guarantee on $306 billion of assets].
President-elect Obama announces economic team: Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury; Lawrence Summers as Director of the National Economic Council; Christina Romer as Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors; and Melody Barnes as Director of the Domestic Policy Council.  (remarks)

Tues. Nov. 25 [Treasury Secretary Paulson announces measures of $200 billion to encourage lending to consumers and small businesses and $600 billion toward mortgage backed securities].
Continuing his focus on the economy, President-elect Obama announces Peter Orszag as Director and Robert Nabors as Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget and emphasizes the need to cut waste.  (remarks)

Wed. Nov. 26 President-elect Obama announces establishment of a President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board chaired by the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Paul Volcker.  (remarks)

Thurs. Nov. 27

Fri. Nov. 28

Sat. Nov. 29

Sun. Nov. 30

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