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Withdrew on Jan. 3, 2008

In Brief - Elected to the U.S. Senate in 1980 and re-elected in 1986, 1992, 1998, and 2004.  General chairman of the Democratic National Committee, 1995-97.  In December 1994 lost bid to become Senate Minority Leader to Tom Daschle by one vote.  Elected to Congress in 1974, and served three terms in the House of Representatives representing Connecticut's Second District.  Practiced law in New London.  Law degree from the University of Louisville (KY) School of Law, 1972.  Enlisted in the Army and served in the reserves, 1969-75.  Two years volunteering for the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic.  Graduate of Providence College, 1966.  Born May 27, 1944, in Willimantic, CT.  [Timeline].

"Out of the Bleachers"
Sen. Chris Dodd announced his candidacy on "Imus in the Morning" on January 11, 2007 declaring that, "I think people this time around believe experience matters, that I know how to do this."  In a statement Dodd said, "I believe I have the leadership, experience, vision and optimism this nation needs to create a better future and a better world.”  Dodd had considered a run for the Democratic nomination in 2004, but ruled it out on March 3, 2003.  In April 2006 he again started showing signs of interest.  In an April 4 interview with The Associated Press' Andrew Miga he stated, "It's an itch.  Could grow. Could disappear. It's an itch..."  A month and a half later Dodd had determined to take the preliminary steps.  He told The Hartford Courant's David Lightman in May that he had "decided to do all the things that are necessary to prepare to seek the presidency in 2008."  In September he made his first trips of the cycle to Iowa and New Hampshire, in contrast to quite a number of potential 2008 presidential candidates who were active in 2005 and the first quarter of 2006.

After Democrats gained the majority in the Senate in the 2006 mid-term elections, Dodd became chairman of the Senate Banking Committee.  Certainly he has no shortage of legislative experience, having served 32 years in the Congress.  Indeed he grew up around politics as his father Thomas J. Dodd served 16 years in the Congress (two terms in the House, elected 1952 and 1954, and, after an unsuccessful Senate bid in 1956, two terms in the Senate, elected 1958 and 1964).  Dodd also has national political experience having served as general chairman of the Democratic National Committee during the 1996 election cycle.  Dodd's ability to speak Spanish, which he learned during two years volunteering with the Peace Corps, is another asset he could bring to the race.

Dark Horse
Dodd's candidacy is a long shot.  He is by no means a household name.  He does not have the "star" quality of a Clinton or an Obama.  He not infrequently has been overshadowed by his colleague Joe Lieberman, the junior Senator from Connecticut, whom Vice President Al Gore selected to be his running mate in 2000.  Activists did not set up websites urging him to run as with some of the other prospects.  Dodd's many years in Congress may not recommend him to people who see politics as broken and who are looking for a fresh face.  And, he could be tagged as a Northeastern liberal.  Asked about this Dodd replies that "...people don't lose elections because of geography, they lose elections because they don't connect with people or they don't have a program that people can relate to or they don't have a personality people can relate to."  "It's usually a shorthand way of saying people didn't connect," Dodd said.  Dodd's presidential bid will test his ability to connect with voters across the country.

Christopher Dodd and Larry Bloom.  September 11, 2007.  LETTERS FROM NUREMBURG: My Father's Narrative of a Quest for Justice.  New York: Crown Publishing [Random House].
"Along with Christopher Dodd’s reflections on his father’s life and career, and on the inspiration that good people across the world have long taken from the event that unfolded in the courtroom at Nuremberg, where justice proved to be stronger than the most unspeakable evil, these letters give us a fresh, personal, and often unique perspective on a true turning point in the history of our time."


Caucus Night, Des Moines, IA, Jan. 3, 2008.  [prepared remarks]
DNC Winter Meeting, Washington, DC, Feb. 2, 2007.  [transcript]

Sept. 17, 2007 - SEIU Member Political Action Conference.
June 3, 2007 - Canvassing kickoff event in Manchester, NH.
June 2, 2007 - NHDP Convention in Concord, NH.
March 28, 2007 - Building and Construction Trades Department Presidential Forum.
March 14, 2007 - IAFF 2008 Presidential Forum.
March 13, 2007 -
National League of Cities' Congressional City Conference.
March 7, 2007 - SCDP's "Countdown to the South Carolina 2008 Primary."
Feb. 2, 2007 - DNC Winter Meeting.
Jan. 8, 2007 - Discussing his legislation to establish voluntary national standards for math and science at New America Foundation forum.

Oct. 2, 2006 - Addressing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's Public Policy Conference.
Sept. 9, 2006 - At the Johnson County Democrats' annual barbeque at the North Liberty Community Center in North Liberty, IA.  [Loebsack for Congress/Nick Bergin]
July 27, 2006 - Speaking to reporters after participating in Democrats' "New Direction" rally on Capitol Hill.
July 9, 2006 - Speaking to reporters after an appearance on CBS News' "Face the Nation."

Offices: IA, 2; NH.

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$10,705,832.24 f $1,447,568.09
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$18,317,074.57 $16,990,751.51
May 2008
(Apr. 1-Apr. 30)
$130,183.00 f $232,864.60 $384,840.37 $885,704.46 $1,324,982.44
April 2008
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$36,490.03  f $712,747.03 $755,619.30 $846,764.30 $1,825,846.53
Mar. 2008
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$63,581.18 f $501,956.46 $568,412.23 $715,874.70 $1,916,991.53
Feb. 2008
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$61,185.97 $486,292.45 $2,064,454.00
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$1,641,910.79 l $1,302,811.25 $2,948,863.64 $4,334,177.30 $2,489,560.48
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t $4,739,005.00

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First indication: David Lightman.  "Dodd Poised For Possible '08 Presidential Run.  Hartford Courant.  May 22, 2006.
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