Eddie Bernice Johnson

January 31, 2007

Dear DNC Members,

I'm writing on behalf of my good friend John Edwards.  He has dedicated his career to seeking justice for those who have been left out of America's promise, and I applaud his service.

One of the primary reasons that John has my support is his pledge to bring universal health care access to all Americans.  As a career nurse, I believe that it is past time for this country to do the right thing for the 47 million Americans without insurance.  My work on health policy while chair of the Congressional Black Caucus reaffirmed my belief that we can not be the country we claim to be when there exist such vast disparities in health along racial and economic lines.  Senator Edwards is 100 percent committed to a practical universal plan that will save lives and reduce these disparities.

On health care and on other issues, John is in a unique position to break down the ideological divides that are standing in the way of progress.  I think that. his forceful message about inequality will bring new people into the Democratic party.  By 2008, Americans will have had eight years of deep distrust and division.  It is my belief and hope that in 2008, the country will see in John Edwards a leader who reminds us of the values that unite us.


Eddie Bernice Johnson
Member of Congress

Not paid for at taxpayer expense.