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Congressman Kennedy's Statement Endorsing Senator Chris Dodd for President

For Immediate Release
Monday, February 5, 2007

Beneva Schulte
Reid Wilson

WASHINGTON - Congressman Patrick Kennedy released the following statement on his endorsement of Chris Dodd for President. The endorsement was first announced on Friday, January 26th in the Providence Journal.

"I am pleased and honored to endorse Chris Dodd for President. Senator Dodd has a breadth of experience in both foreign and domestic affairs and the vision to lead this country in a new direction in which Americans are safer, more prosperous, and confident in the future.  He has been a tireless advocate for our children and their families and his legislative record absolutely reflects that commitment.  He has authored and enacted landmark legislation such as the Family and Medical Leave Act, which has benefited over 50 million Americans.  Chris understands the concerns of our working families and will fight for their access to quality healthcare, daycare, and education. Senator Dodd has been intimately involved with every major piece of legislation regarding America's children, and has been recognized as Senator of the Decade by Head Start for these efforts.

"I am proud to call Chris Dodd a friend - someone who has offered me his support and sound counsel for many years.  As Providence College graduates, we share a special bond of camaraderie, reinforced by a similar set of values and goals aimed at improving the lives of all Americans.  Forty years ago, Chris answered President Kennedy's call to serve in the Peace Corps.  Chris dedicated years of his life to help families in the Dominican Republic where he worked to improve rural communities and became fluent in Spanish.  The Senator's fluency in Spanish will help him communicate effectively with a broader audience. Chris Dodd is a devoted public servant who is driven by his passion to help others and improve our country.  Chris Dodd's wisdom and compassion can make this world a better place for all.  That's what it takes to be an effective leader.  That is the kind of leadership Americans deserve."



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