[letter from DNC winter meeting, Feb. 1-3, 2007]



Dear Democratic National Committee Member:

I strongly believe that John Edwards is the right man for the Democrats to nominate for the White House in 2008.  He has shown principled leadership on the war in Iraq and on economic opportunity in America.

As a strong opponent of the war, I appreciate how John's leadership has helped to embolden our party.  He had the courage to admit his mistake in voting to authorize the war.  More recently, John has been a strong voice for real action to stop President Bush's escalation of this misguided and tragic war.

John Edwards believes we must put an end to undue political influence over scientific studies and professional staff within federal environmental regulatory and oversight agencies.  John will restore integrity to scientific review processes to ensure that objective, science -based recommendations are brought forward.

In my home state of Arizona, John has earned a place in the hearts of millions of workers by championing their needs.  He worked hard to help us pass a state ballot initiative in 2006 that raised the minimum wage in Arizona to $6.75 per hour.  He supports comprehensive immigration reform that will unite families and put immigrants on the  path to citizenship, where they can contribute to our democracy as well as our economy.

For all of these reasons, I believe that John Edwards best expresses the hopes that make the Democratic Party great.


Raul M. Grijalva
Member of Congress
Arizona District 7