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For Immediate Release:
Friday, Feb. 23, 2007
Kirsten Fedewa
Alice Stewart
Little Rock, AR – Former Governor Mike Huckabee announced Friday that U.S. Representative Don Young (R-AK) will serve as congressional chairman of his presidential exploratory committee and U.S. Representative John Boozman (R-AR) will serve as co-chairman.
"It's an honor to have the strong support of such dedicated and well respected members of the U.S. Congress,” said Huckabee.
"As Governor of Arkansas and NGA Chairman, I worked closely with Don on a range of critical issues, including transportation – which is a passion we both share.  I’ve seen him in action and respect his commitment – not only to the people of Alaska, but to our country.  I have deep respect for the job he has done in Congress, and I know he’ll do a great job as chairman of my congressional team."
“I’m also honored to have the home-state support of John Boozman,” Huckabee said.   “I always knew when I asked something of him, he would do whatever he could to help the people of Arkansas.  He’s a talented and dedicated member of the House of Representatives – and I’m pleased that he’ll be assisting Don Young in his efforts.”
In a February 22, 2007 letter to House Republicans, Young articulated his support for Huckabee – and urged his GOP colleagues to support Huckabee’s bid for the presidency.
“Last month, Mike formed a Presidential Exploratory Committee because he believes – as I do – that it’s time for Americans to experience a reawakening of the conservative values that make our country a land of opportunity and a beacon of hope and freedom around the world,” wrote Young in a letter that was hand-delivered to Members’ offices.
On 'hot button' issues, such as energy independence, Iraqi freedom, and excellence in education, “Mike and I couldn’t agree more,” Young wrote.
He added: "Mike is a true conservative.  During his tenure as Governor, he balanced the state budget, reduced welfare by nearly 50 percent and signed the first-ever, broad-based tax cut in 160 years, which amounted to a $90 million refund to taxpayers.  All told, he fought for passage of more than 90 tax cuts and left the State of Arkansas with a surplus of more than $800 million."
“I’m proud to support my friend, Mike Huckabee,” agreed Boozman. “He’s governed according to conservative principles – and what’s more, he has a proven record of working with people, regardless of party, to get things done which actually make lives better.”
Young is the 3rd Ranking Republican member and the 7th Ranking overall Member of the House of Representatives. He is currently the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Natural Resources; he also serves as the senior Republican serving on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.
Young, who was re-elected in November 2006 to his 18th term, also praised Huckabee's bipartisan approach: “As chairman of the 50-state National Governors Association, Mike put partisan politics aside to work closely with Governors, Members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate – of both parties – and the Administration, in order to achieve results on complex issues, including Medicaid reform and the reauthorization of the highway bill."
An Assistant Republican Whip, Boozman is also a member of the House Policy Committee and Republican Study Committee.  Additionally, he serves on the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and is Vice-Chair of the British-American Parliamentary Group.
Boozman, a lifelong Arkansan, is in his fourth term representing the 3rd District of Arkansas.  In the 110th Congress, Boozman is one of the very few Republicans to maintain three committee assignments: Veterans Affairs, Transportation and Infrastructure, and Foreign Affairs, where he serves on the Global Health and Terrorism Subcommittees.  He is currently the Ranking Member of the Veterans Committee’s Economic Opportunity Subcommittee.
Young concluded by touting Huckabee’s ability to set goals and achieve them.  “I’m proud to stand behind Mike Huckabee in his efforts to take this country to higher ground – and I hope you will too,” he wrote.
A copy of the letter sent by Young to House Republicans is attached.

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