Dec. 22, 2004 PRESS RELEASE "Mark Sanford for President 2008" (from PRWEB, author unknown)
In an age where Republicans now expand government as much as Democrats, we need a proven leader for conservative values in the White House. We need a leader who will say "NO!" to the out-of-touch powerbrokers in Washington. Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina has fought tirelessly for small, responsible government, lower taxes, gun rights, educational reform, family values, and other principles that are true to the Republican platform. Mark Sanford is a true leader.

(PRWEB) December 22, 2004 -- Why support a Sanford ticket? Under President George W. Bush, aided by a Republican Congress, we've seen the size of government expand -- dramatically. Discretionary spending has soared; education has become federalized under the No Child Left Behind Act; and the American welfare state has received it's biggest booster shot since the days of Lyndon B. Johnson, in the form of the Medicare prescription drug coverage entitlement.

This is all despite the fact that Bush campaigned on a platform of smaller government and lower taxes. While he followed through with lowering taxes, the skyrocketing size and cost of government has made deficits even worse. While some government expansion is natural in the face of the War on Terror, much of this growth occurred before 9/11.

Why? A Los Angeles Times Poll found that almost 60% of Americans would rather have a smaller government that provides fewer services, as opposed to 26% that want larger government providing more services. If Bush genuinely believed in smaller government, it would be no problem to rally public support around him. And yet, today, we have seen an expansion of government powers that would make even Democrats like Bill Clinton gush with pride.

And John Kerry is no better. Besides announcing he would repeal Bush's tax cuts, he also promised a vast and costly new health care plan -- one that dwarves even the cost of Bush's pork-laden Medicare plan. Toss in even more federalization of education, stricter gun control, and abortion on demand, and the mix is a government that makes Bush's administration look like that of a frothing-at-the-mouth anarchist.

Today, we have record high deficits and extravagant federal spending. It took centuries for government spending to reach $1 billion. It took an extra few decades for it to reach $2 billion. Bush will propel government spending to $3 billion in only a few extra years. Government is growing exponentially, and unless we elect strong leaders to undo this damage, we can expect only economic ruin in the future.

Governor Sanford is that leader.
He has stood up not only to pork-barrel, spendthrift Democrats, but to his own Republican majority in the South Carolina state legislatures. He vetoed 106 parts of his own party's suggested budgets, saying that it simply cost too much and criticizing his fellow Republicans for reckless spending. On the other hand, Bush has yet to say "no" even once -- he has never used his veto power at all.

If Sanford can face down the comparatively small budget of his own state, imagine how much change he can bring to the morbidly obese federal budget. A massive, across-the-board cut in taxes paired with an immense budget reduction would invigorate the suffering American economy, but we can only see such a plan put into action if we elect those with the spine to follow through on it.

Governor Sanford has proven that he has the grit to face down the wasteful partisans in his own party. He has taken serious measures, including rare budget line-item vetoes, to ensure that taxes stay low and government growth stays contained. He has held true to conservative principles, supporting reasonable abortion limitations, gun rights, and family values. And through it all, he has been met with skyrocketing approval ratings as high as 70%, proving that he knows what to do and how to make people feel good about it.

Men with this much conviction are rare -- and we need to give them all the support we can. I'm ready to see President Sanford in the White House, shrinking the budget, cutting taxes, and respecting our Constitutional rights; are you?



Draft Mark Sanford for President in 2008 petition written by Sean Wisnieski (2004)

To:  South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford
In the face of soaring deficits and skyrocketing federal spending, America needs a leader who can say "NO!" to Washington tax-and-spenders.

During his six years in Congress, Mark Sanford earned straight "A" ratings from the National Taxpayers Union. When he was elected Governor of South Carolina, he cut taxes by a third and convinced the legislature to pay off 90% of the state's debt.

He even vetoed parts of his own party's budget, saying there was simply too much unnecessary spending. When the legislature overrode 105 of his 106 line-item vetoes, he protested by entering the capital building with two squeeling piglets under his arms, demanding to know why there was enough money for pork-barrel spending but not enough to pay the remainder of the state's debt.

Meanwhile, George W. Bush, as of July 2004, has not used his veto power even once. He has rubber-stamped every pork-laden bill sent to him by his Republican Congress. He has increased federal discretionary spending by 24% and has increased the federal deficit by about 900% since he took office. Compare this to Governor Sanford, who successfully controlled state government growth to 1% and who slashed deficits by 90%.

Sanford holds true to Republican principles on other issues, as well. While President Bush was echoing John Kerry and Al Gore's position on background checks at gun shows, Sanford was fighting them vigorously in Congress. While President Bush was parroting Kerry's desire to see the assault weapons ban renewed, Sanford was helping lead the fight against unconstitutional gun bans. While Bush promised to sign most gun bills that land on his desk, Sanford was signing a repeal of his state's one-gun-a-month law, making South Carolina a much friendlier place to gun owners and collectors. His time in Congress earned him an "A" rating from both the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners of America. He was endorsed by the "We Vote Pro-Life" Political Action Committee and won praises from the American Conservative Union as the "Most Conservative Governor in America."

Therefore, we, the undersigned, strongly urge and implore Governor Sanford to consider a Presidential run in 2008 on a platform of fiscal conservatism, responsible government, and the preservation of Constitutional rights.


The Undersigned