The candidates bring different philosophies, experiences, abilities, temperaments,  and leadership styles to the campaign.  Their campaign organizations present these qualities to the voters with varying resources and degrees of success.

Republican: Senator John McCain (AZ) and Governor Sarah Palin (AK)
McCain-Palin 2008, Senate Office, RNC, Republican National Convention  ...DNC

Democratic: Senator Barack Obama (IL) and Senator Joe Biden (DE)
Obama for America, Senate Office, DNC, Democratic National Convention  ...RNC

Libertarian: Former Congressman Bob Barr (GA) and Businessman Wayne Allyn Root (NV)
Barr 2008 Presidential Campaign, Root for America, Libertarian National Committee

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (GA) and Hip Hop Activist Rosa Clemente
Power to the People Committee Cynthia McKinney for President, Rosa A. Clemente, Green Party

Constitution: Pastor and Radio Talk Show Host Chuck Baldwin (FL) and Attorney
Darrel Castle (TN)
Baldwin 2008, Constitution Party

Independent: Consumer Activist Ralph Nader (CT) and former San Francisco Supervisor Matt Gonzalez (CA)
Nader for President 2008

Socialist Party USA:
Peace Activist Brian P. Moore (FL) and Stewart Alexander (CA)
Brian Moore for President Committee, Stewart Alexander, Socialist Party USA

Socialist Workers Party: Writer Róger Calero (NY) and Alyson Kennedy (NJ)
The Militant

Party for Socialism and Liberation: Activists Gloria La Riva (CA) and Eugene Puryear (DC)
Party for Socialism and Liberation Campaign Committee

New American Independent Party: Business Manager Frank McNulty (CA) and various VP candidates
Frank McNulty for President National Committee, NAIP

Independent: Alan Keyes
Alan Keyes for President 2008, America's Revival


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