Beltway Happenings
June 2, 2005 -- Former Sen. John Edwards was one of many speakers to address the Campaign for America's Future's "Take Back America" conference, which organizers described as "the largest gathering of progressive leaders since the election."   Speaking on the theme "Moving Beyond Two Americas," Edwards rebutted criticisms that, "The Democratic Party doesn't know what it stands for.  It doesn't know what it believes in anymore.  In fact, it's not clear that the Democratic Party stands for anything."  "Those yappers on TV have got it dead wrong, dead wrong," he stated.  Democrats, Edwards stated, "know the difference between right and wrong," while Republicans "value one thing, and one thing alone: wealth. And they want to make sure that those who have it, keep it."  Edwards also had something to say on the subject of freedom, a theme frequently evoked by President Bush.  "[I]n a world where poverty and despair is accepted, you can't have freedom," Edwards said.  Earlier AFL-CIO President John Sweeney presented Edwards with the 2005 Award.

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