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PHILADELPHIA (July 29) -- CN8, The Comcast Network will offer live, on-site nightly coverage of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, with availability on-air, online at and through Comcast Digital Cable's ON DEMAND service.

CN8 serves more than 9 million viewers from Maine to Virginia, along with direct feeds to U.S. Congress cable systems. The network's live and ON DEMAND coverage allows voters and government officials to watch these historic events at a convenient time and location, and review select speeches and event highlights for up to two weeks following their broadcast.

"CN8's convention coverage furthers our 'America's Next President' Campaign '08 programming that has made the network a news leader throughout the year," said Jon Gorchow, vice president and general manager of CN8, The Comcast Network. "With 2008 likely to go down in the history books as a watershed year in politics, we pledge to offer bipartisan coverage in a variety of formats so that everyone stays informed, on their terms."

CN8 will air live nightly from 8-11 p.m. on Aug. 25-28 at the Democratic National Convention in Denver and from Sept. 1-4 at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul. CN8 Political Director Lynn Doyle will host the coverage in-studio with guest political experts. Washington, D.C. Bureau Chief Robert Traynham and Special Contributor Larry Kane, covering his 21st and 22nd conventions, will provide live reports from the conventions, while reporter Kevin Walsh will be in the field to capture voter reaction.

Providing U.S. Congress and regional viewers from Maine to Virginia and Washington, D.C. with smart, relevant political coverage has been a hallmark of CN8 since its inception in 1996, and the network's experience reporting on both national and regional politics is far-reaching. Highlights include coverage of the National Governors Association conference in July; Campaign '08 state primaries and caucuses; the 2006 mid-term elections; the 2004 and 2000 DNC and RNC; ongoing gubernatorial and senatorial races; mayoral elections and debates; presidential inaugural and "State of the Union" addresses; and thousands of Comcast Newsmakers segments, including more than 500 "Candidates On Demand" interviews.

CN8's political team has extensive industry experience, with Doyle, who has sat down for exclusives with some of the most intriguing minds of our time, from Mikhail Gorbachev and international leaders to U.S. presidents, senators and governors; Kane, a Philadelphia news veteran who has interviewed every president from Lyndon Johnson to George W. Bush; and Traynham, a former political staffer on Capitol Hill and communications director for presidential and senatorial campaigns.

In addition to airing on CN8, The Comcast Network, convention coverage will stream concurrently on the network's award-winning Web site at, with online-only event highlights and exclusive interviews posted regularly. Comcast Digital Cable customers may also view ON DEMAND coverage of each night's three-hour broadcast for up to two weeks following the initial airing under: Get Local/CN8/Specials and Get Local/Campaign '08/Next President.

CN8 will offer pre-convention coverage on "Roll Call TV with Robert Traynham," CN8's exclusive 30-minute political roundtable produced in conjunction with Roll Call, the must-read news source of Capitol Hill. "Larry Kane: Voice of Reason" will host political pundits and consultants on Aug. 24 and 31 to analyze issues leading up to these events; and "It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle" will air a pre-convention special on Aug. 24.

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CN8, The Comcast Network is owned and operated by Comcast Cable Communications, Inc., a division of Comcast Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCSA; CMCSK) (, the nation's leading provider of entertainment, information and communications products and services. CN8 provides the U.S. Congress and more than 9 million Comcast cable viewers with a unique brand of live, interactive television delivered over its own fiber-optic network to 12 states and 20 television markets stretching from Maine to Virginia and Washington, D.C. CN8 was founded in 1996 and has quickly grown to become the nation's leading regional cable network, airing more than 90 hours a week of original programming from its six studios in the Baltimore, Boston, Delaware, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. areas. CN8 provides in-depth coverage and analysis of special events and important news that broadcast networks often ignore. Since its inception, CN8 has delivered on its mission to continually reshape and revolutionize regional television and its relevance to local, regional and national viewers. CN8 is a member of The White House Correspondents' Association and its programming and hosts have been honored by the industry with more than 400 regional Emmy Award nominations.