[Sept. 2007 press release]
Constitution Party
2008 National Presidential Nominating Convention
Kansas City Marriott Hotel Downtown
Kansas City, Missouri
Calendar of Events

Wednesday, April 23

12:30 pm

Credentials Committee Meeting - Chairman Scott Bartlett, SD
 2:00 pm

Platform Committee Meeting - Chairman Darrell Castle, TN

Thursday, April 24

8:00 am

Platform Committee Meeting - Chairman Darrell Castle, TN
 9:00 am

Rules Committee Meeting - Chairman Bob Peck, WA
1:00 pm

Workshops on Ballot Access, Candidates, Media & Party Building
     Facilitators: Janine Hansen, NV; Gary Odom, PA; 
     Mary Starrett, OR; Frank Fluckiger, UT
4:00 pm

Credentials Committee Meeting - Chairman Scott Bartlett, SD
4:00 pm

Children's Story Time with Trapper Jim
7:00 pm

National Committee Meeting - Election of 2008-2012 National Officers
Speech by Richard Viguerie, Political Strategist & Direct Mail Innovator
Regional Caucuses of States - Election of Area Chairmen and Co-Chairman

Friday, April 25

9:00 am

Convention Opening Ceremony and Keynote Address
11:00 am

Speech by Chuck Baldwin, 2004 CP Vice Presidential Candidate
1:30 pm

Welcom to Kansas City by CP of Missouri State Chair Donna Ivanovich
2:00 pm

Speech by Troy Newman, Operation Rescue President
2:45 pm

Presidential Candidate Speeches & Debate
5:30 pm

Special Reception: Meet & Mingle with the Candidates
7:30 pm

Speech by Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America Executive Director
8:30 pm

Platform Committee Report - Debate and Adoption of Platform

Saturday, April 26

8:00 am

Speech by Howard Phillips, Constitution Party Founder
 9:00 am

Roll Call vote of the states to elect Presidential Candidate
10:45 am

Presidential Candidate Acceptance Speech
2:00 pm

Speech by Dr. Jerome Corsi, NY Times Best Selling Author
3:00 pm

Vice Presidential Candidate Nominating & Seconding Speeches
3:30 pm

Election of Vice-Presidential Candidate
4:00 pm

Vice-Presidential Candidate Acceptance Speech
8:00 pm

Gala Event: Presidential Campaign Kickoff "Frontier Ball"