Interest Groups at the 2008 Democratic National Convention
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A small sampling of interest group activity at the Convention:
College Democrats of America - National Convention at University of Denver, Aug. 22-24.

Stonewall Democrats - National Convention Aug. 21-24.

Democratic Governors Association: events

Also DGA Chair Gov. Joe Manchin, Vice Chair Gov. Brian Schweitzer and Finance Chair Gov. Martin O’Malley held a Roundtable with the Media on Monday, August 25th, 11:00 a.m. MT at the Colorado Convention Center Meeting Room 401.

ACORN: voter registration and breakfast

AFL-CIO: events

Amnesty International USA:
Guantanamo Cell Replica

CBC Institute: Denver and Minneapolis Convention Activities

Center for Global Engagement: Policy Forum  Aug. 28

Change to Win: events

The Denver Group: plans

Human Rights Campaign: events Political Action et al.: Manifest Hope Art Gallery

National Wildlife Federation: reception  Aug. 27

NJDC: Events at the 2008 Democratic National Convention

ONE Campaign: events

Sierra Club: events

Rock the Vote: Ballot Bash  Aug. 25

Vets for Freedom: informing

Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust: "A Prayer for Change"

Nader for President 2008: Super Rally  Aug. 27

Odds and Ends
Marriott International, Inc.: Denver Marriott City Center Hotel

LGBT related events

AFSCME: caucus meetings
National Education Association: events

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