PRESS RELEASE from the Democratic National Committee

For Immediate Release

August 9, 2008 

Contacts: Stacie Paxton/Blaine Rummel

Democratic Party Adopts National Platform "Renewing America's Promise" in Pittsburgh Today

Pittsburgh, PA - At its meeting in Pittsburgh today, the full Platform Committee recommended that the Convention adopt the Democratic Party's national Platform "Renewing America's Promise" when it is presented in Denver later this month.  Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean, Governor Janet Napolitano, chair of the Platform Drafting Committee, and the co-chairs of the Platform Committee, Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, former New Mexico Attorney General Patricia Madrid and former Discovery Communications President and CEO Judith McHale issued the following statement:   

"Today is an exciting day for the Democratic Party as we adopt our national platform - 'Renewing America's Promise' - which will be presented at the Democratic Convention in Denver.  Last month, together with the Obama for America campaign, the DNC launched 'Listening to America'--where for the first time, we opened up the platform process so every American could have a voice in writing this document that embodies the values of our Party.  

"More than 1,600 listening sessions took place in communities in all 50 states.  Nearly 30,000 Americans from all walks of life participated. And these voices are now included in our Party's Platform.  We'd like to thank our hardworking staff, and the members of the Platform Drafting Committee and the full Platform Committee for their efforts to make our Party's platform a document that's truly reflective of the Democratic Party's values and priorities for the American people.  

"Our Platform reflects Barack Obama's commitment to changing the way we do business in Washington and outlines clear examples on how we'll make ethics reform a priority and find news ways to use technology to open government, make it more inclusive and accountable.  It recognizes the important role women play in the Democratic Party and the strength and diversity of a united party fighting for a new direction for America. 

"This Platform stresses our values.  It outlines how we will jumpstart our economy by investing in good paying jobs through infrastructure, education and creating green jobs.  We will end our dependence on foreign oil and offer a new energy plan to create five million new jobs, not $4 billion in new tax breaks for oil companies under the McCain plan.  It commits to providing every American access to affordable, portable, comprehensive health care - and it lays out principles for how we will get there. We pledge to bring the Iraq War to a responsible end and refocus our efforts on fighting terrorism in places like Afghanistan.  We will confront global issues and threats head on while working with our allies and restoring America 's standing in the world.  We will do right by our veterans and build a 21st Century Veterans Administration. 

"As our preamble states, this is a 'defining moment in the history of our nation. We can choose to stay the current failed course. Or we can choose a path that builds upon the best of who and what we are, that reflects our highest values.'  The 2008 Democratic Platform reflects our highest values. The Democratic Party and Barack Obama will carry out the policies and ideas put forth in our Platform and bring real change we can believe in."