PRESS RELEASE from Democratic National Convention Committee

August 6, 2008


More than Half of Seats to Go to Colorado Residents with Nearly Two-Thirds of Seats Going to Mountain West Region;
Community Credentials Available in All 50 States

DENVER — The Democratic National Convention Committee announced today plans for credentialing for the fourth night of the 2008 Democratic National Convention at INVESCO Field at Mile High.  More than half of the seats at the stadium will go to residents of Colorado, host state for the Convention, on Thursday, August 28, 2008.

“We are delighted to be able to open the doors of the Convention to the public on this historic night,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 2008 Permanent Convention Chair.  “There is a growing movement for positive change in Colorado, the West, and across the country, and what better way to foster it then to have more Americans participate in the fourth night of the Convention.”

“Thanks to the hard work of the Convention staff, the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee, the City of Denver and the support of the Obama Campaign and the Democratic National Committee, we will be able to ensure that the people of Colorado, who have helped make this Convention possible, will be represented in a significant way when Barack Obama accepts our party’s nomination,” said Leah D. Daughtry, CEO of the DNCC.  “When we said we wanted to open the doors of this Convention to the community, we meant it.”

The DNCC credentialing plan is designed to accommodate traditional Convention delegates as well as Democrats, Independents and Republicans who want to be a part of the growing movement for change in this country.  Delegates, alternate delegates, pages, or guests credentialed for the Pepsi Center will also be seated at INVESCO Field at Mile High. The Obama campaign will also receive an allotment of credentials.

The DNCC will distribute the remaining "community credentials" to State Party Campaigns for Change and to all other states, territories, the District of Columbia and Democrats Abroad. More than half of the credentials for the stadium will go to Colorado residents, while nearly two-thirds will be available to residents of the Mountain West and Southwest regions, both of which are areas of growth for the Democratic Party.

“Colorado residents have been dedicated partners in making this Convention a reality. Now we want to make it easy for them to be a part of this historic night,” said Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Jr. “I am delighted such a large portion of the seats at INVESCO Field at Mile High will go directly to Coloradans.”

“Through exciting public programs and civic engagement efforts, our goal has always been to bring the Convention out into the Metro Denver community,” said Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. “Now we can bring more of Metro Denver inside the Convention itself.  The Thursday night event at INVESCO Field at Mile High is a tremendous opportunity for local residents, and we encourage everyone who is interested in attending to contact the Colorado Campaign for Change and take part in this historic process.  Whether you have the opportunity to experience the event firsthand or watch it on television, the Rocky Mountains and the Denver skyline will provide a stunning backdrop to this important night of democracy in action.”

How Community Credentialing in Colorado Will Work

Colorado residents who are interested in applying to attend the fourth night of the Convention at INVESCO Field at Mile High need to visit or call the Colorado Campaign for Change Community Credential Hotline’s Toll Free number (888) 468-7404 (TTY: 720-362-2208) or visit any Colorado for Change office for additional information from now until August 12. Among the criteria for selection will be the ability to travel to Denver.

While volunteering is not a prerequisite for recipients, Coloradans who volunteer with the Campaign for Change will have the opportunity to receive all-star seating for Barack Obama’s speech.

Starting August 12, the Colorado Campaign for Change will notify individuals via email or phone that they have been selected to receive community credentials.  Individuals who are not selected for credentials will remain on a waiting list in case slots become available. Community credentials will be distributed at Colorado Campaign for Change offices across Colorado.

“One of the best ways we can introduce Colorado voters to our campaign and our vision for this country is getting them involved in the Convention,” said Obama For America National Co-Chair Federico Peña.  “We are delighted that the DNCC is allocating so many community credentials to our state. It will allow Colorado voters of all parties who want take a look and a listen to our message of hope the chance to do so in person.”

For more information on the process for applying and receiving community credentials, please click here:


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