PRESS RELEASE from the Democratic National Convention Committee

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
CONTACT: Jenni Engebretsen - DNCC
                    Jenny Backus - OFA


Democrats Unveil Additional Key Speakers for Monday August 25th
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senator Claire McCaskill & Craig Robinson to Speak
Tribute to Senator Kennedy

DENVER – The Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) and the Obama for America Campaign announced today that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Permanent Chair of the 2008 Convention, will have a prominent speaking role on Monday August 25th, the opening night of the Convention.

Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama’s older brother, will be among the featured speakers on Monday August 25th.   As previously announced, Michelle Obama will headline Monday night.

The Democratic National Convention will be held in Denver from August 25th through August 28th.

“The theme of Monday’s program is One Nation. The opening night of the Convention will highlight Senator Obama’s life story, his commitment to change, and the voices of Americans who are calling for a New Direction for this country,” said Speaker Pelosi. “Barack Obama’s story is an American story that reflects a life of struggle, opportunity and responsibility like those faced by Americans everyday.”

Speaker Pelosi and Senator McCaskill will speak late in the program about the values of the Democratic Party, the efforts to take America in a New Direction and to reach out to all voters, in particular new voters, Independents and Republicans, to get the country moving in the right direction at this critical time.

Monday night will also feature a tribute to Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who has worked for more than 45 years to bring the country together and ensure equal opportunity for all Americans.  

Also featured on Monday night will be family members of Barack and Michelle Obama. Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama’s older brother, will introduce his sister, who will be Monday’s headline speaker in prime-time.

As the person who knows him best, Michelle will talk about the Barack Obama she knows and loves, the values that shape him and why she believes he’ll be an extraordinary president.

In an effort to highlight the setting of the Convention and the importance of the Mountain West to the Democratic Party, Monday’s program will also feature a video segment introducing delegates and other Convention attendees to the natural beauty and strong voices of leadership in the region.

The DNCC and the Obama Campaign will continue to announce elements of the 2008 Convention program throughout this week.