PRESS RELEASE from the Libertarian National Committee

For Immediate Release Dec 21, 2006

Denver to Host 2008 Libertarian National Convention
Libertarian Presidential Candidate to be Nominated in Mile High City

(Washington, DC) Ė The Libertarian National Committee has announced that Denver, Colorado will be the host city for the 2008 Libertarian National Convention.  The LP presidential nomination convention will be held between Friday, May 23 and Monday, May 26 at the Adamís Mark Hotel.  Adamís Mark Denver is Coloradoís largest hotel, with over 1225 rooms and 133,000 sq. ft. of meeting and exhibit space.

"We are extremely proud to serve as the venue for the 2008 convention," said Libertarian Party of Colorado Chairman Travis Nicks.   "We look forward to showing the nation's Libertarians what the birthplace of the Libertarian Party has to offer."

While Libertarians hold a Libertarian National Convention every two years, on presidential election years the Party selects its presidential and vice presidential candidates though the convention process.

"With all of the recent media interest about the libertarian vote in western mountain states, Denver will provide an excellent opportunity for us to show the voters what is meant by smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom," said LNC Chairman William Redpath.  "Additionally, the Libertarian National Convention wonít be a coronation of some pre-determined candidate held at taxpayer expense."

The Libertarian Party, which recently celebrated its 35th birthday, was founded in Colorado in 1971.  Libertarians do not accept public funding for their national convention, while the Republican and Democrat conventions generally cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.