PRESS RELEASE from to Provide Daily Coverage of Political Conventions With Reporting, Analysis, Blogs, Behind-the-Scenes Exclusives

Web Will Produce Videos Featuring Comedians Telling Favorite Political Jokes, Riffs on Campaign 2008

NEW YORK, Aug. 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- will cover both political conventions with behind-the-scenes reporting, breaking news and analysis from the magazine's award-winning political team, including Howard Fineman, Jonathan Alter, Richard Wolffe, Michael Isikoff, Eleanor Clift, Jonathan Darman, Mark Hosenball, Holly Bailey and Suzanne Smalley.'s award-winning video team, led by executive producer Jon Groat, will show viewers what goes on behind the podium with daily exclusives, including briefings with key decision-makers and party leaders.  A vital part of Newsweek's coverage will be Andrew Romano's Stumper blog and The Ruckus blog, giving readers a look at what partisan guest bloggers are saying about the events.  Former presidential speechwriters Michael Gerson and Michael Waldman will compare notes on the conventions' keynote speeches and Newsweek's Jeremy McCarter will cover the events from a culture critic's perspective.

Newsweek's reporters and editors will also be producing a daily newsletter at the conventions, which will be available on the Web site.  "Newsweek is pulling out all the stops to give readers a 360-degree view of the politics, the pageantry and the players," said Managing Editor Tom Watson.

And on the lighter side, is producing an original series of videos featuring comedians telling their favorite political jokes and riffing on the 2008 campaign.

In addition, and will provide live Web video coverage of the conventions, anchored by Newsweek Editor Jon Meacham and's Chris Cillizza.  The live "Convention '08" coverage will highlight convention events, candidate speeches and offer interactive viewer participation.