2008 Republican National Convention
St. Paul, Minnesota  September 1-4, 2008
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Sept. 1, 2008
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Sept. 2, 2008
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Sept. 3, 2008
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Sept. 4, 2008
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Summary: Based on an "at a glance" look at a number of front pages, the dominant story in Thursday morning's papers was Sarah Palin's speech.  NEWSEUM


Star Tribune "Fired-up Palin rocks arena, rips her foes"

MW shot of Sarah Palin at the podium looking back over her shoulder; signs and crowd very blurry in background, i.e. in front of her. - Brian Peterson, Star Tribune.

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article is by
Kevin Diaz and Pam Louwagie (ST).
2: "Today, it's his town and his party" - Patricia Lopez (ST).
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Medium shot of Todd Palin, John McCain, Sarah Palin - Jennifer Simonson, Star Tribune.
Also very small shot of Rudy Giuliani speaking.

Pioneer Press "Prime-time Palin"
"McCain's running mate introduces herself to a national audience - and she comes out swinging.  The Washington establishment, the media, Obama all take direct hits."
MCU after Sarah Palin's speech; Palin pointing, McCain looking, faces in crowd blurry in background. - Richard Marshall, Pioneer Press.

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article is by Bill Salisbury and Rachel E. Stassen-Berger (PP).
2: "The man, his strength" - David Rogers (Politico).
3: "Why Palin's at the podium, Pawlenty's on the bench" -
Rachel E. Stassen-Berger and Bill Salisbury (PP).
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Headshot of McCain. - Getty Images.

USA Today
"Republicans rally around Palin in national debut / Calling herself outsider, she attacks Obama, 'Washington elite'"
1: "McCain nominated for president, hails VP choice" - William M. Welch (USAT).
2: "For McCain, 6 keys to victory in November" - David Jackson and Richard Wolf (USAT).

Medium shot shows Sarah Palin waving, daughter Piper, McCain pointing; signs and audience in distance. - ???

New York Times (National Edition, Printed in MN) "On Center Stage, Palin Electrifies Convention / McCain Selected as Nominee of G.O.P." - Elisabeth Bumiller and Michael Cooper.
"Serving a Cause and a Desire to Succeed" - Mark Leibovich and David D. Kirkpatrick.
MCU of Sarah Palin head and shoulders; mics and lights. - Todd Heisler, New York Times.

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"The Unusual Challenges of Governing Alaska" - Kirk Johnson.

Washington Post
(Final Edition)
"Palin Comes Out Fighting / GOP Nominates McCain After Running Mate Attacks Obama on Experience" - Michael D. Shear (WP).
MW shot Levi Johnston (Bristol fiance), Willow, Piper, Todd holding Trig, John McCain and Sarah Palin. - The Washington Post.

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"In a More Diverse America, A Mostly White Convention" -
Eli Saslow and Robert Barnes (WP).
"[Analysis] Striking Back at Critics, One by One" - Dan Balz (WP).
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MCU of Palin during her speech.

Washington Post
(Special Edition)
"'I'm Going to Washington to Serve the People of This Country' / VP Candidate Palin Rejects 'Elite' Doubts about Her Experience" - Michael D. Shear (WP).
"McCain Aims to Recast GOP In His Own Maverick Image" - Michael D. Shear and Robert Barnes (WP).
"In a More Diverse America, Mostly White Convention" - Eli Saslow and Robert Barnes (WP).
Medium shot of Sarah Palin waving. - Toni L. Sandys, The Washington Post.

Los Angeles Times "Defiant Palin comes out swinging" - Mark Z. Barabak (LAT).
2. "Head to head against Big Oil" - Kim Murphy and Tom Hamburger (LAT).
3. "The imperfect hero" - Robin Abcarian (LAT).
Small CU, tight crop of Sarah Palin. - Genaro Molina, Los Angeles Times.
Large illustration MCU of McCain dominates. - Roberto Parada for the Times.

Boston Globe "Palin plunges into the fray / Rips Obama, defends her experience, small town roots" - Michael Kranish (BG).
Wide shot of Sarah Palin on stage framed by a sea of McCain-Palin signs. - Win McNamee, Getty Images.

...below the fold
"Again, they ask how mothers do it all" - Linda Matchan (BG).
"Record shows little foreign experience" - Bryan Bender and Sasha Issenberg (BG).

Chicago Tribune "Palin first up faithful, comes out swinging / Jabs Democrats on security, energy, taxes" - Jim Tankersley (Trib.).
MCU of Sarah Palin speaking, right arm raised to shoulder level in a fist. - Ron Edmonds, AP.

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ead articles/photos...
National Journal Convention Daily

"Sarah Barracuda Takes a Bite" - Ronald Brownstein.
Medium wide shot of Sarah Palin, daughter Piper, John McCain, Todd Palin in background, crowd in background.

CQ Convention Today
"Rebel Takes the Reins of a Party" - Jonathan Allen, CQ staff writer.
McCain - Getty Images File Photo Chip Somodevilla.

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