PRESS RELEASE from Republican National Committee
July 11, 2008

RNC Launches Platform Committee Web Site

Interactive, Information-Gathering Tool Involves All Americans In 2008 Republican Platform Process

WASHINGTONToday, RNC Chairman Robert M. "Mike" Duncan, Platform Committee Chairman U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (CA-22) and Platform Committee Co-Chairman U.S. Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) announced the launch of an interactive, information-gathering, platform-development process unlike any method used by a major political Party in history. is the first entirely Web-based initiative where voters from all walks of life can provide ideas, submit comments, and actively participate in the development of the 2008 Republican Party Platform.

"For more than 150 years, Republicans have met every four years to adopt a platform that outlines the principles and policies upon which the Party stands.  We are proud that the development of the 2008 Republican Party Platform will be more interactive, inclusive, and open than any other in political history," Duncan said.

"We are seeking the most input through this historic opportunity to use a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week Internet town hall," McCarthy said.  "We know Washington is not a place for solutions, so we are reaching out across the nation to create a forward-looking platform rooted in our core values with solutions that create prosperity today and for the next generation."

Burr said, "We are excited that this process will facilitate greater transparency and participation in the development of the 2008 Republican Party Platform than ever before.  The Platform Committee will form the foundation for our future and this innovative tool will allow people with all points of view to participate in this critical discussion." will allow voters to submit and view text and video commentary on a variety of issues important to the American people. Creating an account on allows voters to have full, interactive access to the Web site.  Account holders can use the text and video submission tools, participate in in-site polling, and keep track of individual entries on a personalized index page.

Every submission will be catalogued and reviewed leading up the official Platform Committee meetings at the end of August in Minnesota to ensure every participant's voice is heard.

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