2008 Republican National Convention
St. Paul, MN  Sept. 1-4, 2008
Aug. 31 and earlier
Sept. 1
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Sept. 3
Sept. 4

Country First: Reform.  Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, named by Sen. McCain as his running mate just days earlier on Aug. 29, fired up the crowd.  Palin's much anticipated speech served to introduce her many Americans and included some zingers aimed at Sen. Obama.  Earlier three former candidates,
former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee spoke.  The evening concluded with the roll call vote, officially making McCain the nominee.

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: Had there been no hurricane, here is an overview of the planned program as announced on Aug. 26, 2008:

"America’s best days are still to come."
--Sen. John McCain

The American story is one of perseverance. Even in the face of tough times, the ingenuity and spirit of the American people has ushered in a new era of prosperity. Wednesday’s program will focus on John McCain’s plans to get our economy back on track and continue our long tradition of meeting the challenges we face and using our prosperity to help others. The day will conclude with an address by the vice presidential nominee.

Speakers will include:
-U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman (Minn.)
-Meg Whitman, National Co-Chair for McCain 2008 and former President and CEO of eBay
-Carly Fiorina, Victory ‘08 Chairman for the Republican National Committee and former Chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Co.
-Former Gov. Mitt Romney (Mass.)
-Mrs. Cindy McCain
-Gov. Bobby Jindal (La.)
-Republican Party’s Vice Presidential Nominee

6:20 - 11:20 p.m. CDT

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