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Press releases, etc.
ACLU: Press releases on reports of civil liberties violations during the 2008 Republican National Convention (Sept. 2008)
Partial transcript of City of Saint Paul briefing (Sept. 1, 2008)
Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War: Selected press releases (Aug. and Sept. 2008)
ACLU of Minnesota: ACLU and Impeach for Peace File Complaint in District Court Regarding Public Viewing Area (Aug. 11, 2008)
City of St. Paul: City releases details of $50 million federal grant: Grant funds will be used to cover convention-related security costs (Aug. 5, 2008)
City of St. Paul: Saint Paul Releases Information about Public Viewing Area and “Open Forum” Stage During the RNC (July 31, 2008)


Use of Open Forum Stage in the Public Viewing Area

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About These Groups
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Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War
"On September 1, 2008, we have a unique opportunity to step onto the stage of history. The whole world will be watching as the Republicans meet to nominate their next candidate for president. We must take to the streets of St. Paul to raise our voices against the war and the occupation of Iraq. The politicians who brought us this war for oil and control of the Middle East represent an elite that will stop at nothing to build up U.S. empire. Theft, torture and murder are part and parcel of the war in Iraq. These politicians do not represent us. They have cut programs that serve our needs at home, and blame the most exploited for our hardships..."  (more)

RNC Welcoming Committee
"The RNC Welcoming Committee is an anarchist / anti-authoritarian organizing body preparing for the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota."  (more)

Peace Island
Peace Island aims to be completely unlike the Washington regime: nonpartisan, with a commitment to dialogue, green, future-looking, thoughtful and affordable. No public official or candidate for office is invited among the 25-plus speakers. The format for each session is a keynote speech (35-minute limit), followed by several 10-minute presentations by expert thinkers and doers who will head hour-long breakout meetings.

Hope in a Time of Crisis—PEACE ISLAND—A Solutions-Driven Conference is the name and philosophy of the gathering. Concordia University, off I-94 in Saint Paul, is the place, although the metaphoric Peace Island is a center, intended to broadcast ideas about living in peace with the earth and each other.
For two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 2-3, we will focus on Energy and the Environment, Global Peace and Nonviolence, and Justice and Human Rights. People recognize the problems. It’s the solutions we want to hear more about. Consider a 30-70-split—30 percent framing the problem, 70 percent serving up answers.

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