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CBS News Takes High-Accuracy Approach to Capturing Effects of U.S. Presidential, Vice Presidential Debates on Viewers' Attitudes, Voting Plans

Knowledge Networks has measured public reaction to presidential debates for CBS News since 2000; will utilize only online panel that accurately represents U.S. population

NEW YORK, Sept. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of its broad debate coverage, CBS News will work with Knowledge Networks to provide an accurate, nationwide assessment of the reaction of uncommitted voters to the U.S. presidential debates between Barack Obama and John McCain, as well as the Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. The debates -- the first of which will take place tonight -- are being seen as key events in the campaign, because they may influence the views of crucial undecided voters.

This marks the third consecutive presidential election in which CBS News has called on Knowledge Networks (KN) to measure the effects of presidential debates on viewers; KN has also measured reaction to State of the Union speeches for CBS News. In each case, KN has asked members of KnowledgePanel(R) -- the only online panel derived from a statistically valid sample of the full U.S. population -- for their views both before and after the event. The survey results will show the extent to which viewing the debates has impacted voters' attitudes. In previous years, CBS News has frequently featured KN findings in its post-debate analyses and coverage.

"In an effort to understand how these debates may shape the election, we're able to combine the speed of the Internet and the accuracy of true statistical research," said Kathleen Frankovic, Director of Surveys for CBS News. "We are looking forward to the insights on voters nationwide that KN and its panel members will provide."

The Knowledge Networks studies will provide feedback on a variety of important questions around the debates and the election generally, including

-- degrees of support for the two candidates before and after watching the debates
-- issues viewed as most important in the campaign
-- feeling that one or both of the candidates is prepared for the job

Unlike volunteer online access panels, which anyone can join, KnowledgePanel(R) is representative of the U.S. population because participants are chosen through statistically valid sampling. Non-Internet consumers can participate in KnowledgePanel(R) by being provided with a personal computer or an MSN-TV unit, as well as free connectivity. The result is research that includes the roughly 30% of the U.S. population that is not Internet-enabled -- a percentage that has remained stable for several years.

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