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Thursday, September 25, 2008 

News Advisory

The Odd Couple: Ralph Nader and Obama Girl Share Office Space and Ideas about the Presidential Debate

For interviews with Obama Girl, Melissa Klein, LaunchSquad for Barely Political, 415 625 8555

For interviews with Ralph Nader, Toby Heaps, 202-441-6795

Who: Ralph Nader, Obama Girl, and Jesse Ventura

What: First episode of new online sitcom: /Ralph Nader and Obama Girl Show (Special Guest Appearance by Jesse Ventura)/

Where: Washington, DC, Nader for President 2008 HQ

Why: The economic crisis has resulted in some odd political couples over the past few days. Now we have Ralph Nader and Obama Girl sharing office space in the new sitcom "The Obama Girl and Ralph Nader Show", with a special appearance from Jesse Ventura.  Both Obama Girl and Nader agree, this is precisely the time when the candidates should be appearing before the nation.

*Short Description of First Episode*: Despite the troubles with our nation's economy Obama Girl whole heartedly agrees with her man that this is precisely the time when the presidential candidates should be appearing before the nation. But if McCain does back out, fear not...Obama Girl has a new officemate who is most definitely willing to participate. None other than independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader.

Commenting on the launch of the first episode, /Let Ralph Debate/, Ralph Nader said: "I still use an Underwood typewriter to communicate but I realize in this political day and age the internet is a little faster means of getting our message out."

View the first episode here:


Created and written by Ben Relles. Edited by Michael Stevens.  Directed by Tom Small.

Thursday, September 25, 2008 

Press Release
Contact: (Washington) Toby Heaps

Nader Demands to be Included in Debates

For the economy's sake, there is no choice but to end war and make peace.

On the eve of the first Presidential debate on foreign policy and in the midst of the biggest economic meltdown since 1929, Ralph Nader presents a simple solution for fixing the biggest hole in the taxpayer's pocket and challenges McCain/Obama to debate him on it.

"My campaign is on the ballot in 45 states and is polling at around 5 percent nationally, higher in several key swing states. I have earned a podium in the debates, and, unlike McCain and Obama, my foreign policy brings our soldiers back from Iraq and Afghanistan. This will save us a few hundred billion dollars in direct and deferred costs each year."

Mr. Nader elaborated: "The fact that a candidate can call for changing the date of the debate only two days before it is scheduled indicates how easy it would be for the candidates to also call for the inclusion of the leading third party and independent candidates, which would bring fresh ideas to the table on how our country can most effectively tackle this heavy economic challenge, starting with curbing our imperialist foreign policy."

Please see Ralph Nader's case to open up the debates in today's edition of USA Today

Nader and Obama Girl join forces to open up debates
(check Youtube for this video after 2pm)

See blog in favor of giving voice to the third of voters not with two parties

Saturday, September 27, 2008 

Press Release
Contact: Toby Heaps

Matt Gonzalez Criticizes McCain/Obama Debate

Independent Vice-Presidential Candidate Matt Gonzalez responded to last night's presidential debate Between John McCain and Barack Obama from Bill Maher's Los Angeles studio where his running mate Ralph Nader appeared.

Gonzalez described the candidates' performances as sounding like "cut and paste stump speeches" and criticized them for dodging questions on the $700 billion bailout bill and the Iraq war.

He said he was surprised to hear Obama say that the U.S. occupation must be paid for with Iraqi money, and noted a contradiction in his talk of diplomacy and openness to meet with foreign leaders critical of U.S. policy such as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

"[Obama] says he would meet with them and they could spew their hatred. This is precisely what diplomacy is not. You don't characterize a meeting in the worst light possible before it happens," Gonzalez said. "You try to talk about the goals and objective and perhaps the common ground that you have [and] the shared interests you have for peace and for stability, and you work from there."

Gonzalez also attacked the two candidates for supporting nuclear power and ridiculed Obama's notion of safe nuclear waste storage which, Gonzalez said, has proven to be a "tremendous failure."

Referring once more to the Wall Street bailout, Gonzalez said: "I like to refer to it as a bailout of the two-party system because it's really the system that failed to adequately protect the American people from this."

Find his response here: