PRESS RELEASE from Service Employees International Union


Published October 1, 2008 12:35 PM
A Letter to Governor Palin on the Eve of the VP Debate
"Dear Governor Palin,
"My name is Marshall Clemons and I'm a school custodian in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I've been a custodian for 16 years and I'm proud of the work that I do to ensure that our students have a clean and safe place to learn.
"Last year Senator Biden spent a day on the job with me--he's the only Vice-Presidential candidate to ever walk a day in the shoes of a worker. But Senator Biden didn't just work side-by-side with me; he experienced what it's like to work and raise a family today.
"Because of the time we spent together, I saw firsthand that he understands the changes our families need to ensure we all get a chance at the American Dream.
"I'd like to extend the same invitation to you. Spend a day on the job with a nurse, child care provider, janitor, or even a school custodian. Your running mate Senator McCain declined our offer, but I'm hoping you'll accept.
"I hope you'll accept because every elected official should experience firsthand what life is like for working people.
At tomorrow night's debate, Americans need to hear specifics on how the McCain-Palin administration will bring the change we need. How will you ensure that all Americans have access to affordable healthcare? How will you create new jobs with good pay and benefits? How will you lower gas prices and prescription drug costs? How will you make sure my family can get ahead and that I can retire someday with the dignity?
"If you don't have answers tomorrow night, I'm sure you will after you walk a day in my shoes."
This is the latest in a series of "Dear John" letters that SEIU members from across the country have written, asking Senator McCain and Governor Palin for specific solutions to the problems facing working families.