PRESS RELEASE from the National Audubon Society
November 4?5, 2008

Election Results Bring Conservation Opportunity and Need for Action

Statement of Audubon President and CEO John Flicker following the election of President-elect Obama and the new Congress.

"Voters in this historic election cast their ballots not only for change, but for a new era of hope for our environment, and the people, birds, and other wildlife that depend on it. Washington has been ignoring critical environmental issues for too long. President-elect Barack Obama and a more environmentally aware Congress offer the promise of leadership and fundamental change that could usher in new protections for America's great natural heritage, and a new lease on life for species in decline.

"Despite real reason for optimism, we cannot take conservation gains for granted. Audubon is committed to helping the new Administration and Congress to live up to their great promise; and to make conservation, clean energy and green jobs part of America's path to a brighter tomorrow.

"Through our local Chapters, state offices and national grass roots efforts, Audubon will join with others in the environmental community to ensure that our newly elected leaders lead the way on issues vital to our environment, our economy and diversity of life on Earth."

Issues demanding prompt attention include:

Presidential Appointments:

Scientific Integrity:

Global Warming and Renewable Energy:

Endangered Species Conservation:

Bird and Habitat Conservation:

Ecosystem Restoration: