from Change to Win

Anna Burger
Chair, Change to Win
Remarks at 2008 Post-Election News Briefing
National Press Club, Washington, DC
November 6, 2008

America’s workers turned out. America’s workers voted. America’s workers won this election.

In no other election in the past 40 years, have the choices for workers been so clear---and, the mandate been so overwhelming---for a progressive economic agenda. In no other election, in history, have young workers played such a critical role.

On November 4, workers did not just turn the page—they closed the book on the era of trickle down economics, tax breaks for the rich, golden parachutes for corporate executives and unrestrained greed.

Young workers did not look back to the political battles of the past 40 years---they looked forward to the future they want for themselves, their families, their country and their world.

Anxiety over the economy framed the election---but, it was hope and optimism for the future that determined the votes of workers.

Workers envision a new American Dream for the 21st century---based on respect for their work, wages that can support families, a health care system that focuses on healthy lives rather than corporate profits, jobs to build a green economy and energy independence, and a government that is engaged and effective in opening the opportunities for all Americans to reach for their dreams.

November 4 was the beginning —not the end---of a workers political movement.

We won an election, now we will change the country.

Change to Win endorsed President-elect Barack Obama in February because his run for the White House was based on renewing hope for the middle class—on restoring the American Dream for America’s workers. Our unions played a vital role turning red states to blue:

Change to Win ran a worker-driven program to win this election for working families. Now we’d like to welcome some of the voices of those workers who are a building a new workers movement that will change this country. But first, let’s hear from UNITE HERE international vice-president Edgar Romney.