E-MAIL from Obama for America
August 5, 2008

Real change only happens when new people enter the political process and make their voices heard.

That's why this campaign is launching an unprecedented Voter Protection Program that will fight to promote and defend the voting rights of every American.

Attorneys, law students, and those with legal expertise will be essential in making sure every eligible citizen who wants to vote can vote -- and that their vote is counted.

Find out how you can lend your skills to make sure every voice is heard in this election:


In 2004, those with legal expertise -- people like you -- were critical to the voter protection effort.

Lawyers and legal professionals made sure that registered voters made it on the rolls and were able to vote. They made sure that ballots were available and polls stayed open. And they helped reassure voters that they would not be intimidated.

Despite our stepped-up efforts, problems persisted -- including deceptive flyers, unnecessary lines, inadequate ballot supplies, and problems with voting machines.

In a year that will likely see unprecedented turnout, we can't afford to let our guard down. The stakes could not be higher. This election has to be different.

That's why the Obama Voter Protection Program has already launched, earlier than ever before, and will be the most comprehensive voter protection program in our nation's history, with counsel in 50 states and a vote protection team on the ground now.

But it won't work without you. Put your legal skills into action and become a vital part of this historic effort:


Bringing about the change America needs will require all of us doing our part. Your professional expertise makes you indispensable to this effort.

I hope you will join the Obama Voter Protection program and encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Thank you,


Bob Bauer
General Counsel
Obama for America