from the Presidential Inaugural Committee
January 19, 2009

Guidance on President-elect Obama’s service day activity today from Josh Earnest, PIC Communications Director

President-elect Obama participated in the renovation of a "safe space" housing for homeless and runaway or "disconnected" youth at Sasha Bruce Youthwork (SBY). For more than 30 years, SBY has met the urgent needs of at-risk youth and their families in Washington, DC. The term “disconnected” is meant to more accurately describe their situation—most of the youth have troubled family life or a lack of guidance at home. The goal is to ensure they are safely off the streets and provided with an environment that encourages reconciliation with their family if possible. SBY also focuses on keeping the young person in school and addressing their mental, social and physical health needs.  
The upstairs temporary shelter is in need of a renovation. Currently, it has the feel of an orphanage or hospital. The goal is to transform it into a space that encourages positive attitudes, social activity and awareness by installing curtains, energy-efficient light fixtures and desk assembly, and painting walls and lockers.
SBY was chosen a result of its: noble mission, three-decades of service to the community, lasting impact on the families that it serves and the opportunity that exists for members of the community to contribute to this organization.
Contact: PIC Communications Office