PRESS RELEASE from the Office of Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Joins at Least 19 States for Super Duper Tuesday

PHOENIX – Governor Janet Napolitano signed a proclamation today setting Arizona’s presidential primary for February 5 of next year.

“The outcome of the February 5 primaries will be an important – if not deciding – factor in determining which candidates will represent their parties in the November General Election,” Governor Napolitano said. “Arizona’s role needs to be as influential as possible. Placing our state early in the primary cycle will enable Arizonans’ voices to be heard clearly in this process.”

With the growth of Arizona’s population, it’s status as a swing state and it’s national leadership on critical issues such as immigration, growth and infrastructure, health care and education, the Governor believes candidates will seriously lobby for the votes of Arizonans.

“We have shown that Arizona is an important stop on the road to the White House,” Napolitano continued. “Only seeing the underbelly of a presidential candidate’s plane as it flies over Arizona is a thing of the past.”

The February 5 date allows Arizona to remain as one of the first states to hold a presidential primary for the 2008 election while not breaking national party rules. The last presidential primary in Arizona was held February 3, 2004, which put Arizona in the first group of primary states and brought presidential candidates to the doors of Arizonans.

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