PRESS RELEASE from Arizona Secretary of State

For Immediate Release
December 18, 2007
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Presidential Preference Election Ballot Order Drawing Completed
Secretary of State Jan Brewer Announces Order of Candidate’s Names

PHOENIX -- Today Secretary of State Jan Brewer certified the ballot order for the Presidential Preference Election to be conducted on February 5, 2008. The Secretary of State certifies candidates seeking the Office of President of the United States if they filed complete nomination papers with her office no later than December 17, 2007, at 5 p.m. These certified candidates are now entitled to have their names placed on the official Republican and Democratic presidential preference ballots in each county. The lots were drawn from an official ballot box used in the 1830s that is currently on display in the Arizona Capitol Museum .

“My office has now fulfilled its duty as prescribed by statute to determine the official order on the ballot,” stated Secretary Jan Brewer, “Representatives from all the various campaigns were afforded an opportunity to participate. The ballot order is now official as I have certified the names within the 72 hour deadline.”

The February Presidential Preference Election ballot order was determined this morning with the drawing of lots, as required by Arizona Revised Statute § 16-245(B). The ballot order can be found on the Secretary of State's website at .

The drawing by lots is unique to the Presidential Preference Election. Under Arizona law, the order of candidates on the Presidential Preference Ballot will be the same on every ballot in the state. This provision was enacted to reduce the cost for conducting the election. For the Fall Primary and General Elections, names will be rotated.

The Presidential Preference Election will be conducted to give Republicans and Democrats the opportunity to express their preference for their presidential candidate. Only members of the Republican and Democratic Parties will be able to vote in the Presidential Preference Election slated for February 5, 2008. 

summary of listings:
Listing of Democratic Candidates
Sandy Whitehouse   Corona, AZ

Bill Richardson   Albuquerque, NM

Frank Lynch   Tequesta, FL

Karl Krueger   Sioux Falls, SD

Barack Obama   Chicago, IL

John Edwards   Chapel Hill, NC

Peter "Simon" Bollander   Tucson, AZ

Leland Montell   Tucson, AZ

Chuck See   Tucson, AZ

Libby Hubbard   Tucson, AZ

Loti Gest   Tucson, AZ

Orion Daley   New York, NY

William Campbell   Tucson, AZ

Philip Tanner   Tucson, AZ

Dennis Kucinich   Cleveland, OH

Hillary Clinton   Arlington, VA

Edward Dobson  Tucson, AZ

Haymer Tish   Tucson, AZ

Rich Lee   Olympia, WA

Michael Oatman   Tucson, AZ

Mike Gravel   Arlington, VA

Evelyn L. Vitullo   Tucson, AZ

Christopher J. Dodd   Washington, DC

Richard Grayson   Apache Junction, AZ

Listing of Republican Candidates
James Creighton Mitchell Jr., Lindenhurst, IL

Frank McEnulty, Los Alamitos, CA

Mitt Romney, Boston, MA

Fred Thompson, Nashville, TN

Hugh Cort, Birmingham, AL

Michael P. Shaw, Glendale, AZ

Charles Skelley, Tucson, AZ

Ron Paul, Lake Jackson, TX

John Michael Fitzpatrick, New York, NY

Bob Forthan, Portland, OR

Mike Huckabee, Little Rock, AR

John McGrath, Tucson, AZ

Rick Outzen, Pensacola, FL

Michael Burzynski, Vail, AZ

Sean "CF" Murphy, Tucson, AZ

John McCain, Arlington, VA

Duncan Hunter, La Mesa, CA

David Ruben, Tucson, AZ

Rhett R. Smith, San Antonio, TX

Alan Keyes, Darnestown, MD

Jerry Curry, Haymarket, VA

Daniel Gilbert, Asheville, NC

Jack Shepard, Rome

Rudy Giuliani, New York, NY