MEMO from the Democratic National Committee


TO: Interested Parties

FROM: Phil McNamara & Patrice Taylor

DNC Office of Party Affairs and Delegate Selection (PADS)

SUBJECT: 2008 Delegate/Alternate Allocation Chart Update

DATE: March 17, 2008

In light of recent Democratic victories in Illinois and Indiana, we have prepared an updated delegate and alternate allocation chart for the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

This chart now reflects the following delegate totals:

4,047 Total Delegate Votes
2,024 Delegate Votes Needed to Secure the Nomination
As a reminder, the total number of delegates and the number needed to secure the nomination could fluctuate between now and the commencement of the Convention due to changes in the number of unpledged delegates, including the June special election for the 12th Congressional District in California (the seat that was held by the late Congressman Tom Lantos).

This chart shows zero delegates for Florida and Michigan since both states remain in Non-Compliance with the rules. Should either state eventually be re-allocated delegates this chart will be adjusted accordingly.

Specific state-by-state changes since the February 26, 2008 delegate and alternate allocation chart:

Illinois: Unpledged delegates increase by 1 due to the election of Bill Foster in IL-14.

Indiana: Unpledged delegates increase by 1 due to the election of Andre Carson in IN-7.

Maine: Unpledged delegates decrease by 1 as a result of the move of Distinguished Party leader delegate (former DNC Chair) Ken Curtis to Florida.

Montana: Unpledged delegates increase by 1 as a result of John Melcher serving as a DNC member representing the National Democratic Seniors Coordinating Council.

New York: Unpledged delegates decrease by 1 as a result of the resignation of Elliot Spitzer. Note: Current Lt. Gov. David Patterson is a DNC At-Large member and, as such, already an unpledged delegate. As governor, Patterson will hold both positions but only cast 1 unpledged delegate vote.

Unassigned: This refers to DNC member positions that are vacant but could potentially be filled. Decreases by 2 as a result of the Seniors Coordinating Council vacancy being filled by John Melcher of Montana (see above) and the National Conference of Democratic Mayors vacancy being filled by Mayor Brenda Lawrence of Southfield, Michigan. Since Michigan has no delegates this reduces the overall number of delegate votes by 1.

Should you have any questions or need additional information please contact us at 202-863-8046.