PRESS RELEASE from Florida Senate Democratic Leader Steven A. Geller
MARCH 19, 2008 

Plan offered by Geller and Ring would seat all of Florida's Delegates in Denver

TALLAHASSEE With the Democratic National Committee refusing to intervene to end the controversy launched after stripping Florida of its Democratic delegates, Senate Democratic Leader Steven A. Geller (D-Cooper City) and Senator Jeremy Ring (D-Margate) on Wednesday outlined a plan they said should not only solve the standoff with the national party, but the standoff between the dueling Clinton/Obama campaigns.

"This plan gives us a light at the end of a very dark tunnel," said Geller. "As we all know, as goes Florida, so goes the nation. With the enormous problems our country faces, in this presidential election it's critical that the Democratic voices in this state be recognized and counted. This gives every stakeholder the opportunity to do just that. Since the DNC is not willing to resolve this issue, we're calling on the two campaigns to step in and intervene."

Senator Ring, who like Geller is unaffiliated with either Democratic presidential candidate, echoed the Democratic Leader's statement. "Democrats face an unprecedented opportunity to lead this nation," Ring said. "However, in order to do so, it's incumbent upon the campaigns to quickly resolve the uncertainty surrounding the Florida delegation."

The plan offered by the lawmakers would provide for 100% seating of Florida's delegates. The compromise solution calls for 50% of the delegates to be awarded based upon the results of the January 29th Florida Presidential Primary vote. The other 50% of delegates could be allocated according to any of several formulas, including but not limited to:

"This proposal allows the opportunity for each candidate to have Florida representation and to ensure that all Floridians' voices will be heard." Ring said "There is no do-over, no mail-in ballots, no complicated math. Just the basic process of American democracy is in play here.

"I invite the campaigns to endorse our compromise to ensure victory in November."