PRESS RELEASE from the Office of Michigan Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm

Governor Granholm Statement on Presidential Primary

Contact:  Liz Boyd

March 20, 2008

LANSING - Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today issued the following statement on the presidential primary:

"I believe Senator Levin, Congresswoman Kilpatrick, National Committeewoman Debbie Dingell, and UAW President Ron Gettelfinger identified the fairest way for Michigan voters to have a voice in seating a delegation in Denver.  They recommended to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that Michigan hold a state-run, privately funded primary.  I supported their recommendation, as did the DNC, and I am deeply disappointed that it is no longer a possibility.  Now that the Legislature has decided not to act, we will turn our attention to other options.  There is no road to the White House that does not go through Michigan, so it is essential that Michigan voters have a voice in who will be our party's nominee and, ultimately, the next president of the United States."

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