PRESS RELEASES from Maine Democratic Party

Historic Turnout at Maine's Democratic Caucus

February 10, 2008

Maine Democratic Party Release

AUGUSTA - Sunday, across the State of Maine, voters weathered the sometimes stormy conditions to attend their local Democratic caucus. With more than 99% of precincts reporting, nearly 45,000 Mainers participated, giving Barack Obama 59%, 40% to Hillary Clinton and 1% remaining uncommitted. It is projected that 15 of Maine's national delegates will go to Obama and 9 to Clinton.

"Around the country we've seen high Democratic turnout and Maine has joined the chorus of other voices across the nation calling for change," said Arden Manning, Executive Director of the Maine Democratic Party.  "The numbers tell a story here. Earlier this month, 5,000 Republicans gathered around the state to caucus for their nominee. Today, close to 45,000 Mainers attended the Democratic caucus. The message is clear: Mainers have seen what 8 years of Republican control looks like and they are ready for a change."

Sunday's Democratic turnout exceeded the previous record, set in 2004, by almost 28,000 votes.

Illinois Senator Barack Obama added Maine to his list of victories this weekend. Manning said "I think his victory in Maine this weekend will provide Senator Obama with momentum going forward. However, this campaign is far from over. Barack Obama ran an aggressive grassroots campaign in all corners of the state and that is the right kind of campaign to run if you want to win in Maine."

Following Obama's win in Maine, state Democratic Party chairman John Knutson announced that he has pledged his vote as a super delegate to Barack Obama, true to a promise he made earlier this week to mirror Maine's support.

Manning concluded, "From the caucus goers who had to drive miles on snowy roads to those who waited patiently in line in freezing temperatures; today we saw the dedication and passion of Maine people. Regardless of who the nominee is, today's results show Maine's devotion to the ideals and values of the Democratic Party."

Party Chairman John Knutson Announces his Choice for President

February 7, 2008

Maine Democratic Party Release

AUGUSTA - This Sunday, Democrats all over Maine will participate in the Maine Democratic Party Caucus and choose who they want to nominate as this year's Democratic presidential candidate.  The results of the caucus will determine how Maine's 24 Delegates to the Democratic National Convention are allocated. Above and beyond the state delegates, who are allocated through the caucus and State Convention, Maine also has 10 unpledged delegates, called "Super-Delegates," who are able to support any candidate they choose.
These "Super-Delegates" are made up of elected officials like our Governor and two Congressmen, as well as party leaders like John Knutson, who is Chair of the Maine Democratic Party.

 On Thursday, Knutson announced that he will support the candidate who wins the majority of the vote in Maine.  "For all intents and purposes, Maine now has 25 delegates up for grabs since I will be embracing the candidate who wins Maine's caucuses," said Knutson. As a Super-Delegate, Knutson will represent this winning candidate at the Democratic National Convention.

Knutson continued, "I see this as a way to further empower Democrats across the state of Maine and make the results of our caucus more influential. It is clear that this Presidential campaign will come  down to a race for delegates, and I believe that by pledging to support the winner of Maine's caucuses, I will help to increase Maine's importance in the nomination process."



February 6, 2008

Maine Democratic Party Release

AUGUSTA - The old saying "As Maine goes, so goes the nation" may never be truer than the 2008 presidential elections, and Maine Democrats have the perfect opportunity to make a difference in caucuses this Sunday.

"Maine's Democratic caucus is the only presidential activity in the nation on Sunday, Feb. 10, meaning Mainers will play a crucial role in this year's nominating process," said Maine Democratic Party Executive Director Arden Manning.

"Super Tuesday's results of a dead heat between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama mean Maine Democrats have more power than we have had in a long time in terms of choosing a nominee," Manning said. "Maine's 24 delegates are up for grabs and in this environment they will be crucial to the candidates."

"The Maine Democratic Party has processed more than 5,500 absentee ballots, boding well for record participation," Manning said.  The deadline to submit absentee ballots is today at 5 p.m.

"We have already processed more in absentee ballots than the Republicans had cast during their three day caucuses. That clearly shows that Maine Democrats are energized and ready to help bring the change all of America craves," he added.

"Based on the interest shown by Maine Democrats - as well as the Independents and Republicans who have recently registered as Democrats - we believe we'll have record turnout at caucuses across the state on Sunday."

Caucuses will be held in 420 towns, cities and plantations and will be located in 372 sites across the state. To check your local caucus sites, go to


420 Towns, 372 Unique Locations and 4,000 Absentee Ballots Processed

February 2, 2008

Maine Democratic Party Release

AUGUSTA- Saturday, while Republicans cast their vote in straw polls in barely over 100 locations around the State, the Maine Democratic Party released preliminary absentee ballot numbers.  As of 5:45PM, the Maine Democratic Party has already processed 4,100 absentee ballot requests.

 "Over 4,000 Maine Democrats have already requested their absentee ballot for Maine's Democratic Caucuses and there are still a few days left for people to request to vote absentee," said Arden Manning, executive director of the Maine Democratic Party.   Absentee ballots must be returned by 5PM on Wednesday in order to be counted in Maine's binding Democratic caucus.

On Sunday, February 10, there are 420 cities, towns and plantations caucusing in 372 unique locations.  "This is an unprecedented level of local enthusiasm and is representative of the Democratic Party's broad appeal," said Manning.  "We are expecting a record breaking turnout for this year's Democratic Caucus.  Americans are tired of the direction the Bush/Cheney administration has taken this country in the last eight years and they are ready for a change."

Manning commented on the projected Republican turnout, "Currently, it looks like the number of Maine Democrats who are caucusing by absentee ballot alone outnumbers the projected number of Republicans who showed up for today's Republican straw poll.  The higher level of interest in the Democratic  Caucus demonstrates not only the broad appeal of the Maine Democratic Party and its candidates, but more importantly it reflects the work of hundreds of Democratic volunteers across the state whose hard work will craft Democratic success in November."


Maine Democrats to Caucus on Feb 10
Dems launch Caucus Absentee Ballot Program

January 3, 2008

Maine Democratic Party Release

AUGUSTA-The Maine Democratic Party today focused its efforts on reaching voters who may not be able to attend the Party's February 10th Caucus , letting them know that there is no reason for them to miss their opportunity to participate in the caucus process.

Maine Democrats who are unable to attend their local caucus for any reason may request absentee ballots from the State Party headquarters. Absentee caucus ballots must be returned to the Maine Democratic Party no later than February 6.

"Many people don't realize that they may participate in the Maine Democratic Caucus even if they are unable to attend the actual caucus," said Maine Democratic Party Chair John Knutson. "We believe it is critically important to make it as simple as possible for Maine Democrats to participate in the caucus process."

Knutson believes this flexibility will make it easier for students, seniors, shift-workers, working mothers and others who find the caucus times inconvenient to participate in Maine's Democratic Caucus.

"We hope that getting out the message about caucus participation from home will enable more people to make their voices heard on February 10th," continued Knutson. "It is central to the values of the Democratic Party that we ensure that as many people as possible are able to freely exercise their right to take part in our caucus, not just those who can attend."

Democrats interested in voting absentee must request ballots from the Maine Democratic Party office at (207) 622-6233 or online at   Republicans and Greens who wish to participate in the Democratic Caucus either via absentee or in person must register as Democrats no later than January 26.  Independents and unregistered voters may register as Democrats anytime prior to the Caucus or at the Caucus on February 10th.