PRESS RELEASE from the Michigan Democratic Party

March 1, 2007
Contact: Jason Moon

MDP Presidential Caucus Will Move to Earlier Date if Any State Violates DNC Rules

Caucus currently scheduled for Saturday, February 9, 2008

LANSING – In response to numerous inquiries from the press and others concerning the date of the 2008 Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) Presidential Caucus, MDP Chair Mark Brewer made the following statement today.

“I have consulted with Michigan Democratic leaders and the consensus is that the MDP will hold its Caucus on Saturday, February 9, 2008 provided all other states abide by the DNC scheduling rules,” Brewer said. “There is also a consensus among our leaders that if any state schedules its caucus or primary in violation of the DNC’s rules, Michigan will move its Caucus to an earlier date. That earlier date may be on or before the date of the offending state’s caucus or primary.”

“It is our hope that all states will honor the DNC’s scheduling rules and the important reforms which authorize four states to hold contests on certain dates before the window opens,” Brewer continued. “No state should undermine those reforms which have made the pre-window contests more representative and diverse.”

Under DNC rules only 4 states are permitted to their caucus or primary before the window opens on Tuesday, February 5, 2008 – Iowa Caucus (January 14), Nevada Caucus (January 19), New Hampshire Primary (January 22) and South Carolina Primary (January 29).