www.Rice2008.org was one of a bunch of sites that sought to encourage Condoleezza Rice to run for president.  When the veepstakes heated up, it was repurposed to promote her as a vice presidential prospect.  Excerpts:

Run, Condi, Run!
Our nation is in the midst of an election of truly historic proportions.  Millions of you worked tirelessly in grassroots efforts to persuade Dr. Rice to run for President.  She has declined to run for the top office, but there are positive signs that she would consider accepting a VP nod.

Dr. Rice has the experience, temperment, credibility and leadership skills needed to lead this country in these trying times.  America needs a president with vision, integrity and diplomatic prowess.  And we need somebody who can inspire and lead.

That person is Dr. Rice.

UPDATE! We're Making Progress!
A reliable sourse has been telling us for weeks that Dr. Rice has been working behind the scenes--actively courting the Vice Presidential nomination.  Although pleased with these reports, we've been reluctant to publish them, up until now!

Several "mainstream" media outlets are now reporting these developments and earlier today [This Story*] appeared on ABCNews.com.

KEEP WORKING! We're getting closer! SPREAD THE WORD!

Dear John McCain:

She is uniquely qualified.  Brillian, experienced, ready!

And, from a political standpoint, Condoleezza neutralizes Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama in one shot! Also, she can expand the base and make inroads for the GOP with the African American community.

*ABC News-The Radar. "Dan Senor: Condoleezza Rice Is Pursuing the VP Spot,"  April 6, 2008.